Crafts: Craftaholic in Action!

1 Sep

Today I busted my butt. I was determined to get a list of things done and I accomplished .. almost everything!

I filled orders

I primed frames for my next order and a few new listings

I worked on my storage – these are before pictures

My dad and I are going to do a little more building/cleaning/organizing before it’s finished but at least now all those boxes and baskets are now narrowed down to three, and the walkway path through the storage is much nicer!!!

I also plan on going thrift store/home depot/yard sale hopping & shopping this weekend to find better/cheaper ways for storage. I plan on combining a lot of awesome things I’ve seen on pinterest and other blogs and making it a huge DIY project with the help of my dad 😛

Hopefully my little craft corner will be able to meet the needs of my craftiness instead of overflowing into the rest of the house!

I’ll update with awesome finds and pictures as they come!! Oh and I also picked up a few new things for frames.. I’m addicted I know.

So that was my day – with a little of the usual daily chores, eating, cleaning, and playing with Emma ❤ Right now – I’m sitting back and relaxing since I’ll be working again tomorrow. Hopefully it’s another easy day 😀

If you missed on the giveaway last week and you’re feeling kind of bummed about it there’s a giveaway that one of my etsy friends is in. I’ve purchased from her and my daughter and I absolutely love her stuff. The website is and good luck!!

Thanks for stopping by

Love Always,


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