Crafts: Craft Area Makeover!

3 Sep

First off – a big thanks to my awesome Engineer Dad for helping me plan/organize/and decide what to purchase for my craft organization makeover! This is just the BEGINNING of a lot of storage happenings that are coming soon. Here are some pictures!

This is the before picture .. and I know – its blank and boring. And it’s also the tiniest craft area I’ve ever seen 😦  But at least I have one right?

HOORRAYY!! All my stuff is finally OFF of my table so when I need to cut yards of fabric – I can actually lay it out on my table – what a genius idea! 😉

I got this wire rack and plastic containers from The Container Store. It was TOTALLY worth every penny. Easy to assemble and as long as you make sure to get the nails in studs it can hold anything – note the huge container of paint and I’ll admit it’s really heavy – and it’s hanging on without a problem!

I also have to give credit to the cute owl and bird tags I bought from Sarah – her etsy page is here – as much as I would love to say I made them I didn’t – she totally rocks!

These awesome box shelves I found at a yard sale for five bucks. It wish you could see it better but the lighting was horrible. The top shelf has ribbon rolls in it, the middle my pin cushion, staples, and paperclips, and then the huge pencil holder. I love the color of that thing!!

So far this has been a pretty inexpensive makeover! Everything at The Container Store was on sale from the college rush and I am all for finding things at yard sales and thrift stores – wiping them clean – maybe even a little spray paint – and making them brand new! I really want to get some scrapbook paper and attach it to the back so there’s a little color pop in each one. That will be another project for another day though!

Tomorrow my dad and I are working on some pre-existing shelving units we have in order to make them storage spaces for my stock of fabric – which I also need to go buy some so I actually have more than just a few yards of each.. I might do that tomorrow if I have extra time!

I’m loving this weekend!! ❤

More fun to come so stay tuned!!

Love Always,


One Response to “Crafts: Craft Area Makeover!”

  1. My Delicious Life September 4, 2011 at 12:26 am #

    It looks great!

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