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Crafts: New New New!

6 Sep

So today I spent the entire day cutting 17 yards of fabric for my burp cloths. It was the longest day ever!!!! But now everything is pre-cut and ready for some sewing fun!

That basket is overflowing!! I think I might need to find a new one…

And I bought some more fabric while I was out this weekend! Lot’s of new things you’ll be seeing soon:

I also bought new green monkey burp cloth material – because I am three burp cloths away from being out of it!!

Then tonight after some resting & dinner I made this – my first colored burp cloth!

What do you think?! I’ll be posting this on etsy as soon as I am done here –

Hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend and hopefully I’ll be back soon with more fun updates and pictures!

Love Always,


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