Crafts: Shopping Extravaganza!

11 Sep

Thanks to pinterest I did a little more shopping than I normally would have… I found a bunch of amazing little projects to do in between my inventory list and I’ve already gotten three of them done!

Here’s all the goodies I bought!!

Fabric Fabric Frabic!

Apparently I had a thing for circles today 😉

Felt for flower making!

Beads and fun things:

Some new tools!!

And here’s some of the things I made!! A previously made scarf but I saw this flower on pinterest and I couldn’t resist!! Gray was the only felt color I had on hand but I LOVE IT!!!

It took me all of a few seconds to make it – but keeping it tight and together was a challenge – looks like I’ll have another step to figure out before I go haywire and make a million of these cute little things!

I also saw an example of something like this on pinterest and I couldn’t resist!! The glue still needs a little more time to dry but it was easy and fun to make! I’ll have a DIY tutorial on this tomorrow so if you are interested in making one for yourself stay tuned!

But I couldn’t just stop there – I made another one!

I don’t know what exactly I want to do to finish them off so they don’t look so plain but I’ll come up with something eventually!


Today was a little more relaxing and a little less crafting than I thought it was going to be – but I have a feeling my body needed it. I’m so proud of how much I accomplished last week – five new burp cloths, four frame orders, two burp cloth orders, and a sick baby! But this week is going to be a super busy week and weekend coming up so I won’t be getting done as much as I had planned. Or if I do it will be a miracle!!

For all of you who have been worried about E – she is finally showing signs of coming back to life! Lol. Her cold is on its way out and all that’s left is her raspy voice from her sore throat and her irritableness every once in a while. Sometimes you just get sick of feeling sick and at her age, that’s the only way to show it. Thank goodness it’s near the end! I know she’s just as excited because there are a million toys all over the floor that I’m hoping will just pick themselves up 😉 haha.


Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,


One Response to “Crafts: Shopping Extravaganza!”

  1. melinda / Babybarista September 11, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    I love the yellow scar with gray felt! looks awesome! Love the fabrics you picked up too!! great choices.

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