DIY: Beaded Monogram Wall Art!

12 Sep

For those of you who saw my last post (or didn’t) here is how I made the Beaded Monogram Wall Art! It’s super easy, fun, and addicting! It makes me want to go buy a whole slew of buttons!! Here are the materials you are going to need:

Art Canvas is what I used – you can almost use anything as long as it can handle a staple gun!

Fabric of your choice

Beads!!!!!! It took me a few seconds to fall in love with these – but it took me a lot longer to not buy more!!

You’ll also need tacky glue or a hot glue gun – whichever you prefer.

And here’s what I did!

First of all – if your fabric is wrinkly it might be a good idea to iron it out! This will make lining it up and pulling it tight around the canvas MUCH easier and the end result will look a lot better.

Then wrap your fabric around the canvas. I used tape to lay it in place so that I had the fabric lined up where I wanted it before I tried to staple gun it down.

It’s a lot like wrapping presents!

Then if you are like me – you get a strong man to staple gun all the fabric down for you – because I’m a wimp 😛 or you can do it yourself!

The end result! Fabric on canvas!

Next step:

Lay out your beads how you want them to look once you glue them down. Make sure it’s in the center and don’t worry if you have to move the beads ten times – I did!!!

Then glue one at a time! After a while you start to get in a rhythm and before you know it – tada – you are done!



I love the way it turned out but once the glue dries (and it will dry clear) I am going to add a few things to spice it up!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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