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Crafts: The Night Owl

13 Sep

Lately I feel like my life has taken a different turn. Some nights I go to bed with my husband and just lay there wide away. Other nights I pass out instantly.. tonight.. I’m sitting on the couch writing this blog and crocheting my little heart away ­čśŤ

I’m not exactly sure when this started because for as long as I can remember (after E was born) I went to bed as soon as it started getting dark outside!! Okay okay – I went to bed between 9-10. Then it got pushed to 11. Lately it’s been 12 or 1. Tonight – who knows!! I’m wide awake and ready to go!!!!

Luckily I get to nap during the day so it’s not like I’m going to become a zombie, but I’m slowly starting to figure out what started this insomnia. I think I’m safe to blame it on blogging, etsy, crafting, facebook, pinterest, but most importantly – it’s the only time of day where this house is┬áCOMPLETELY┬áSILENT! I love the silence. Even though I can’t do half of my crafts because they are way to noisy.. it’s still nice to sit here and crochet or paint.

Yesterday I made a yarn wrapped wreath with felt flowers and buttons. It’s a very quiet craft and I had no problem doing it while the girls were napping. It was kind of relaxing! Here’s how it turned out (sorry for the poor photo quality…)


I am super happy with the end result. I have now found a million other ways to make different felt and fabric flowers, and also found a place to buy the wreath itself where it isn’t so darn expensive!!! (Thank you pinterest in advanced)

Tonight I’m crocheting that big hug cowl from the pattern – except I’m hardly using the patter. I’m not using the exact yarn they used, or the size needle, or even the crochet type… I like my way better!!! We’ll see how it turns out. I don’t know what it is but have the hardest time following patterns. Partially because most of them speak in a code that I swear no one really understands, but mainly because once I start making it the way they say to – I think it looks funny, so I try something else and I think it looks so much better! So here goes another trial and error – luckily my past few trial and errors have turned out pretty well!

I also went and bought some new felt for the beaded monogram letters. I finally decided what I’m going to do to spice each one up! It took a lot planning and I didn’t even finish the plan for the E one until just a few minutes ago! I think I might sketch it out tomorrow so I know exactly what it’ll look like. I haven’t sketched in days though – so wish me luck!

Some other things I bought..


You guessed it – More Fabric! I think I need a vacation from JoAnns – It seems like I can’t walk in there anymore without buying a ton of things. Until I finish making my inventory list of burp cloths – I’m not allowed to buy anymore!! Unless I get orders for more off of etsy!

Although I won’t be going anywhere except maybe the post office for the next few days. I’ll have my hands full all week and weekend with the girls. That should make my wallet happy and hopefully the week after that I can avoid shopping again and get a lot of crafty things done! It’s going to be hard to get much done this week but I’ll keep trying!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,


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