Crafts: WIP Wednesday

14 Sep

I’ve had two things going on today! I’ve been working on my big hug cowl – although I kind of tweaked all of the pattern instructions. Apparently I don’t know how to follow instructions 😛 Looking back on my life I think it’s clear that I have NEVER been able to follow ANY instructions.

My mom compares my sister and I accurately and I can’t resist from repeating her. As my mom likes to say my sister is on the highway going 80 miles in hour, you can come with her if you want but if you slow her down your out – she is goal oriented, was amazing at school, a diligent and hard worker, she has an amazing career and a life many would die to have.

My mom says I am on scenic route. It may take me twice as long to get somewhere but I have a good time and I’m never opposed to stopping to smell the flowers. I take a lot of wrong turns in life but it always leads me exactly where I was meant to be!! I’m the little girl who dreamed of having a bunch of babies, being a stay at home mom, making my husband the happiest man ever, and living happily ever after. I was a dream girl living in a dream world 😛

Which ironically is really funny because my sister is awesome at driving and finding her way – she’s a highway girl. I on the other hand get lost almost every time I’m in the car. I call myself the queen of u-turns and I always find myself on some back road in the middle of nowhere…

In many ways I dream I could have some of the qualities my sister has because I feel like I would have succeeded earlier in life with my business plan and I’d be further along, wealthier, and for once in my life feel like I’m on top of something! But really – I made my dream life come true – or at least most of it I hope 😉 I am happily married, a mother of a wonderful baby girl, and hopefully making my husband the happiest man ever!!! 😛

Okay so back to the point – sorry for the LONG side note – but I can’t follow instructions. It’s not in my DNA. Which has led me to making something I would have probably never made before if it wasn’t for the pattern – even though I didn’t follow it .. at all.

I bought a thicker yarn than it said, a smaller hook, and I’m doing a different type of crochet then it says. But it’s still a great big hug cowl!

It’s still a work-in-progress I’ve probably got about six more rows to go but it’s already big, comfy, and a cowl! Super proud!! I did my first cowl a little different because I hadn’t looked at the instructions at all and I might do a mixture of the two and see what it turns out like. This one is one SUPER long circle that you wrap around you neck a couple of times (like the instructions! YAY ME!) and the other cowl I did just went around once and layered itself. I think what I’m going to do is keep the yarn type, needle, and stitch and just make it one loop that layers like my other one. Looks like I’ll need to go buy more yarn… back to the store AGAIN!

I’ve probably got enough projects to keep me busy before I head back to the store just yet so that project may sit for a little while.

I also am working on my final touches to my monkey frame order and I just got another order in today!!!! No it’s not another monkey frame 😛 I’ve got three burp cloths to do! So I’ll be sewing and crocheting for the rest of the week and then back to inventory I go!

I never get tired of these monkeys! They are too much fun to make. I have noticed though that I don’t make any one EXACTLY the same. I tried so hard at first to make it look exactly like the original but it’s been fun making each one a little different. After all no one expects anything hand painted to look exactly like the original – everyone want’s theirs to be a one of a kind!

Well that’s all my juggling this week 😉 I’m working overtime this week and weekend so I couldn’t cram too much else in there but hopefully I’ll have some more fun pictures and updates for you tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love Always,


One Response to “Crafts: WIP Wednesday”

  1. Kristin D September 15, 2011 at 9:26 am #

    What a sweet post. You made me cry, it is nice to be reminded that I should enjoy my life as it is, instead of hoping and wishing for more. You are an awesome sister who made me Aunt K K and everytime your daughter screams for me on the phone, I am proud that you brought her into our lives.

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