Daily Life: I Get Knocked Down

5 Oct

This week is apparently not my week…

And it just seems to be getting worse.

Usually when I’m in a hole like this it only takes a few hours, a few attempts, and I’m back to being the perky old me doing a million things at once and enjoying life! This week it’s like every time I try to get back up I keep getting knocked down.

I really hate depressing posts so if you are thinking about reading something else I don’t blame you!!!! If you are still with me, thanks.

There are a few great things happening to me this week. I’m working with an AMAZING graphic designer who is getting me ready for my craft show(s) and honestly she’s making something that’s been stressing me out completely easy and thoughtless!! I owe her big time for the amount of weight she’s lifted off of my shoulders. On top of that we are hanging out next week and I have some brilliant ideas to share with her that are seriously driving me nuts keeping quiet about them but I will..

I asked off from my part time job so that I can have the week before my craft fair to concentrate on last minute things! So that’s a huge sigh of relief – balancing all these things at once are making things hard on me right now.

I think it’s the overachiever in me who wants to do so many things at once and I do really well at 95% of it and as long as I’m getting good feedback it’s not too complicated to juggle .. but I think the lack of feedback, the lack of appreciation, and the lack of me getting what I actually WANT to get done is taking a toll on me.

So here I am sitting here blogging about how miserable I am..

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow!! PLEASE!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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