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Crafts: Work In Progress Wednesday!

30 Nov

Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday! Here is where I show off whatever I’m working on for the week and I also give other shops a chance to show off what they are working on. I’ve always been a big fan of getting to know the person behind the shop and I feel like this is a great way to give everyone a chance to see a little bit behind the scenes of the lives of some amazing shops!

This week I’ve been working on SO many projects! With all the black friday goodies I found it’s been hard not to have some fun! I started making the new burp cloths with the new fabric in my “new” way! They aren’t finished yet so there’s more to see!


Here are two scarves I’m working on with a new crochet style thanks to my mom! I’m doing infinity scarves with Christmas colors for the craft show but these are a little different. Instead of using one skein of yarn – I use two different colors and combined them. It makes that great variegated look!

I’ll be posting these in my shop this coming week as they are made! DaydreamingGifts


Now check out some other shops I think you’d love!

“I am a broken china mosaic artist, and this is what I am working on today.  It doesn’t look too great now, but it will be a cute NYC themed frame tomorrow!”

This is an example of a finished project in Kathy’s Shop!

Check out her shop! kmkmosaics


“All of the items in my store are handcrafted by myself with my 2-year-old daughter as my inspiration. I love being creative, and sharing that creativity is a joy and a blessing!  I am working on a Team UmiZoomi hairbow set.”

Here is an example of here finished bows!

Check out her shop! SaraOlsenDesigns

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Tuesday Tutorial: Fleece Alphabet Pillows

29 Nov

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty ;)  

This crafty tutorial comes from:

DIY fleece alphabet pillows

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Black Friday Finds!

25 Nov

I’ll go ahead and start off by saying that I never go shopping on Black Friday and if I do – I don’t leave the house until 2:00 pm when I’m positive the crazies are gone 😉 This year was a different adventure for sure!

I start out at 10 pm yesterday waiting outside of GameStop with my husband to get him a 3D Nintendo DS. As we were driving there I was holding my breath because I was pretty sure this trip would scar me for life! When we get there we were pleasantly surprised that we were the first ones! As more people showed up in the line the more we all got to talking and laughing. I’ve never had more fun waiting in a line before than this time. It helped that everyone has the same thing in common – a love for video games and excitement for getting a good deal!

After being first in line and having such a good experience I started thinking that I can handle this madness!!

I went to bed that night (morning) woke up eight hours later, ate breakfast, got ready and decided to head to JoAnns for some Christmas shopping with my mom and mother-in-law! My mom and I have decided since I was high school that it’s just easier to go shopping together and buy each other our presents together that way we each get something we really want instead of having to guess! So shopping we went. After getting there and realizing that the fabric deals were too good to pass up – I decided to stock up on my materials for the craft shows for next year and stock up I did!

Right there is roughly around 150 yards of fabric. I could have bought more but I limited myself!! If you’re not sure why I went all out – let me just explain to you.. Solid Flannel at retail price costs $5.99 + Decorative Flannel at retail costs $4.99. Normally this amount of fabric would have cost me about $800 dollars which I obviously don’t have to spend right now! How much did I save? Since all the flannel was $1.99 plus we had a 25% of all item coupon – we saved over $600. I’ll be set for the year 😉 That’s just a price you can’t beat!!

So where I swore I’d never be a Black Friday crazy person – I now am committed to being a Black Friday Crafty crazy person. 😀

Now who wants to help me cut all this fabric? haha 😉

Happy Black Friday everyone!

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Crafts – Work In Progress Wednesday!

23 Nov

Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday! Here is where I show off whatever I’m working on for the week and I also give other shops a chance to show off what they are working on. I’ve always been a big fan of getting to know the person behind the shop and I feel like this is a great way to give everyone a chance to see a little bit behind the scenes of the lives of some amazing shops!

This week I’ve been working on a bunch of multiple things but sadly there is nothing in progress that’s worth pictures. So this week I’ll just be featuring a few other shops who have some awesome things to share!

“One of my passions is recycling and I wanted to start creating crafts from things that might other wise be thrown away. I thought sheets would be a great item to use as they always have lots of great patterns on them. I found these used sheets and loved the pattern so I am creating Pillows out of them as my first repurposed / upcycled project. I hope to create many more items using products that would otherwise be thrown away.”

Made by ThisandThatCrafter – Click on her link to see her shop!

“I start by cutting the fabric and ironing it smooth then I cut the pad patterns our and pin them in place. Next is sewing on the pad pieces. Then the front of the stocking is now complete with pads! Now I decide to make a cuff, stitch on a name, or make a name tag – this one features a fish name tag so I make the fish and attach it to the front piece. Once the front is complete, I sew the front and back pieces together. Now I write the name on the name tag, in this case it is for my cat, Butter. I chose red to go with the red around the fish and pads but I have many colors. Then the name tag is completed. All that is left now is to make and attach the hook.”

Made by AshDazzle – Click on her link to see her shop!

“This is a fun little project I am working on for my daughter, Briley. She’s just learned her ABC song and I hope these blocks are a fun way for her to learn what each letter looks like. It’s really a simple project, but it does take some time to adhere and seal each individual block. I’m going to further embellish the “book” box that holds the blocks, so it’s almost a complete set!”

Made by ScrapHappyMe – Click on her link to see her shop!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed seeing a little behind the scenes of these shops. If you have a favorite one please don’t hesitate to comment and tell us what you love!

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Tuesday Tutorials – Lace Lampshade

22 Nov

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty 😉 

This crafty tutorial comes from:


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Feature Friday: MadeinMogotes!

18 Nov

Feature Friday Presents:

Made in Mogotes!

“I am from Upstate New York, traveled to London, and moved to Colombia where I now live. I was a journalism and marketing major that found a passion in making jewelry. Some of my likes are: emerging myself in other cultures, wearing dresses over jeans, colourful things, the smell of used bookshops, autumn leaves, photography, tea at all times of the day, street art, eating food from around the world, finding cool stuff in markets, spontaneity, chocolate sheet cake, bubble baths and dislikes: screaming children, beer, watching TV (besides Shameless), waiting in line, cold showers, monotony, feeling stuck in one place, tea that has licorice in it.” – Stephanie Sadler – Owner of Made in Mogotes.

Celtic Green Earrings with Australian Jasper Stone Beads and Sterling Silver Hooks PVC Bird Feeder - Tube Feeder - Garden Decor

Celtic Green Earrings with… PVC Bird Feeder – Tube Fee…

MadeinMogote… MadeinMogote…

$16.00 USD $34.99 USD

Reversible Necklace - Texture Patterns on Guadua in Orange, Blue, Purple with Hemp Earrings: Russian Matryoshka Snowflake Doll Dangle Earrings - Sterling Silver Hooks

Reversible Necklace – Text… Earrings: Russian Matryosh…

MadeinMogote… MadeinMogote…

$35.00 USD $20.00 USD

Red Fique Bag with Red Cloth Handle, Lining and Fique Flower Pink Drop Earrings with Satin Beads and Chain

Red Fique Bag with Red Clo… Pink Drop Earrings with Sa…

MadeinMogote… MadeinMogote…

$58.00 USD $15.50 USD

Beaded Necklace: Five Strands with Ceramic, Glass and Amethyst Beads and Hemp Cord Wood Birdhouse / Nesting Box - Western Red Cedar

Beaded Necklace: Five Stra… Wood Birdhouse / Nesting B…

MadeinMogote… MadeinMogote…

$54.00 USD $30.00 USD

What got you interested in crafting?

My whole family is creative and I’ve always had a desire to make things. My grandma used to give my brother and I “art classes” when we were kids – snowflake cutouts, masks, crayon-shaving suncatchers. From there, I got into scrapbooking, pencil drawing people from photographs and then my own photography. When I moved to Colombia earlier this year, my visa didn’t allow me to have a job. I took a class (in Spanish which I am still learning) working with a plant called guadua which grows in the area. It’s similar to bamboo. The class was for five weeks and they taught us how to make mugs, jewelry boxes, candle holders. When the class ended, I thought, why not try to make jewelry from the same material? So I taught myself and got addicted.

What has been your favorite project to make and why?

So far, my “Travel Texture Series”. I decoupage magazine images onto the guadua cut outs I’ve made. This particular collection is all photography from various travel magazines – a section of a purple wall in Peru, the orange striped shawl of a nomad in Ethiopia, a group of love padlocks hanging on a bridge in Germany, a view of the Northern Lights from Iceland… I love to travel and learn about other cultures, so I’ve had a great time digging through the magazines and it’s sparked my wanderlust like crazy.

What’s the secret behind your Etsy name?

My shop name is Made in Mogotes, which does what it says on the tin. I sell stuff that’s made here in this little Colombian village of 3,000 people, an hour drive from any other form of civilization. It’s not easy to find on a map. The jewelry is made by me, some other guadua pieces by another artisan and some cool handbags by a couple local woman. They make the bags from a plant called fique. The whole process is really interesting. There’s some photos on my blog – – if you’re interested. But the name simply came from the location where I’ve found myself living after falling in love with a Colombian guy when I was working in London for a few years.

If you could open up a shop in your town, what would you call it and what would it be like?

I would like to open a shop, but I don’t think this Colombian village is the right place for it. Maybe London or San Francisco. Not sure what I would call it, but it would be a cozy place full of all my favorite things. You could order tea or coffee, sit on comfy couches, use free wireless. There would be a bookshop in one area full of cultural fiction and travel and fashion magazines. There would be another area where I would sell the stuff I sell in my Etsy shop – the jewelry and bags and home decor. I would also love to design underwear sometime in the future. The walls of the shop would be colourful and there would be plenty of street and travel photography on the walls. Fun indie music from different countries playing. At night, candles.
What’s the most challenging thing you have made?

I think getting used to using power tools was the biggest challenge, and working with small pieces that needed straight holes put through them. Guadua is easy to break so I had to learn how to handle it properly. The most challenging piece is probably yet to come, but probably the first jewelry box I made. It was white with roses on top and made entirely out of guadua, nails included.

What are some of your goals that you hope to achieve in the next year?

Open a proper business, work on marketing, get my jewelry into some shops in the States and London, make this into something I can live on and come up with some new designs and ideas.

What inspires you to be crafty?

Loads of stuff. A good cup of tea and a clear mind. Compliments on what I’ve already made. My boyfriend who likes to help me cut pieces for the jewelry and makes a lot of good suggestions. He spends tons of time working with me and he’s very supportive. Shopping. Magazines. And everything on my awesome inspiration

What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

I think knowing what I like personally and making jewelry I would wear. Nothing will please everyone, but there’s bound to be someone out there who loves something if I love it myself. By focusing this way, it keeps me passionate about my work.

If you could have one thing to help your store, what would it be?

The big secret to selling a lot of stuff!


**Please note the bird feeders are made by Stephanie’s father**



Thanks for stopping by! If you haven’t already – check out her shop here: MadeinMogotes

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Crafts: Work In Progress Wednesday!

16 Nov

Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday! Here is where I show off whatever I’m working on for the week and I also give other shops a chance to show off what they are working on. I’ve always been a big fan of getting to know the person behind the shop and I feel like this is a great way to give everyone a chance to see a little bit behind the scenes of the lives of some amazing shops!

This week I’ve been crocheting a candy cane scarf for a custom order! As soon as I got this order I was super excited about making it and I love it so much that I might just make one for myself!! When it’s all finished I’ll be adding on pockets to the ends as requested. I love pocket scarves! I’m always the kind of person who loses gloves so this is perfect for sticking your hands in to keep them warm or dropping your cell phone in so it’s easy to get to later!

My shop is: Daydreaming Gifts

Here are some other stores I think you might like:

“This is my newest design, GlowBall Greetings- “Peacock Holiday” .  GlowBall Greetings are a unique way to show someone how much you care about them. GlowBall Greetings are a cross between my personal electronic art and traditional greeting cards. This concept came out of creating the first prototype for someone I was in love with a few years back…so the concept came out of love. awwwwwww…

Still working out the bugs with the color choices, though. I wanted purple to be in it…but i might go back to the royal blue ribbon. I’m working on a 2nd version now. I’m also working on the photos as well. There is a peacock feather in there…but i didn’t get a good shot of it. It’s in the back!” 

Made by ElectronicGirl – Click on her link to see her shop!

“One of the many things I make are back packs, I found this really nice fall color Hawaiian print fabric and I am in the process of making one of my backpacks out of it. These back packs are great to have for going on a quick trip to the store, going to the gym, going taking some snacks and maybe a frisbee with you to the park. They are great to carry a few things you might need when you don’t want to carry a purse or a big backpack.”
(The fabric)
(What the finished product will look like.)
Made by ThisandThatCrafter – Click the link to see her shop!
“I am making this baby blanket as a Shower Gift and it has to be done by SATURDAY! I am already a week late as her shower was last week but my baby was running a fever so I schedule a make up lunch with her. Baby blankets are not my favorite item to make, but I do one ever so often.”

Made by sillygeesedesigns – Click the link to see her shop!

“I have been getting ready for a craft and toy show for this weekend. Usually when I go to shows I like to have my Jewelry trees for displays, and maybe sales to! So  I have three to make, I did one today and hopefully a few more tomorrow. Everything starts out like this….. just a bunch of wire and believe me you can’t take a GOOD picture of plain old wire. Then I twist the heck out of it, and it turns into a tree.”

Made by sweetnotion – Click the link to check out her shop!

“I am working on making these stockings for my family members as part of their Christmas gifts. I also have one for sale in my Etsy shop, Christi’s Crochet Corner. Give the gift for that special someone a unique touch with this crocheted masterpiece. Crocheted with Red Heart Supper Saver acrylic yarn this striped stocking measures 16″ long x 6″ wide. The cuff is crocheted with an embroidered holly motif. I can personalize this item with a name instead of the holly. Just let me know in the note to seller section at checkout and please allow an extra 2-3 days for me to make it.”

 Made by ChristiCrochetCorner – Click the link to see her shop!

As the Holiday’s approach, I decided to debut some of my paper-goods at a craft-show my bestie, Jennifer told me about. I really wanted to be a part of one after I helped her with her show a couple of weeks back. Because I am pulling back on my hours at work I will be able to have more time to actually pursue these, Cupcake Wrappers. I’m really hoping to perfect these and let people know about this new niche in Cupcake Fashion!

Made by AndreaLFitts – Click the link to see her shop!

“This is a pillowcase order for a 1-year-old.  The dress is so itty bitty, it’s too cute!  It’s pretty easy too.  I first cut the arm holes and then hem up the top and bottom.  You put the two pieces of hemmed cloth together and sew down each side.  Thread the ribbon in and you’re done! :)”

Made by CoverUndertheMat – Click the link to see her shop!

“This is the beginning of a ‘Cuddle Buddy’, my stuffed animal mini blankets.  🙂   This one will be an ivory fleece hippo with a brown cotton flannel nose, foot pads, and bottom. These blankets are a perfect size for your little one to carry everywhere!”

(Finished Product)

Made by createdbylaurie – Click the link to see her shop!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed seeing a little behind the scenes of these shops. If you have a favorite one please don’t hesitate to comment and tell us what you love!

Love Always,


Crafts: A little more homey than usual ;)

12 Nov

Daydreaming Gifts goes Home Decor! Last week I got a phone call about doing curtains for a baby’s room! The lucky mom is due at the end of November and the curtains are the last final touch to she needs for the room. Of course, I haven’t done curtains before so I called up my husband’s Aunt who’s been doing curtains for a long time and see what she can do.

After a week of anticipation and a few lessons from an amazing teacher – I was on my way! Check them out:

I absolutely love this fabric – it’s for a shabby chic style bedroom and I think it fits perfectly. After a few hours of sewing I realized I had enough fabric to make a few pillows – so I did!!

They look a little big in this picture but they are just little throw pillows. I also made the covers a little big so when they were washed and dried they’d fit perfectly. This was my first time doing a slit pocket in the back but I knew I needed to. I’m the kind of mom who wants everything to be able to be thrown into the washer with as little to no hassle as possible! So for my first attempt – I am SUPER proud!

I think everything turned out gorgeous and I can’t wait to give it all to her tomorrow! She’s got me started on a new direction of craftiness and I love it!!

Thank you Natalie!!

Next up? I’ve got a frame to paint, cup cozies to finish off, and half of a candy cane scarf! Stop by on Wednesday and I’ll show you a work in progress preview of the scarf – it was a custom order from a family member and it’s turning out SOO cute – I might have to make one for myself 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Crafts: Work In Progress Wednesday!

9 Nov

Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday! Here is where I show off whatever I’m working on for the week and I also give other shops a chance to show off what they are working on. I’ve always been a big fan of getting to know the person behind the shop and I feel like this is a great way to give everyone a chance to see a little bit behind the scenes of the lives of some amazing shops!

This week I’ve been working on a few custom orders, a burp cloth set for my next craft show, and some cup cozies I’m doing for a giveaway! Although it seems like a lot – it’s been a lot less stressful and a lot more fun this week. I’ve decided to take a new attitude to getting things done in a rush! Instead of panicking and pushing myself and being unhappy I decided to go with the, “Don’t worry! It’ll get done in time!” method. Not only did everything get done in time – I’m ahead of schedule! So here’s a picture of cup cozies I’m in the process of making:

Probably sometime next week I’ll have these posted in my etsy store! DaydreamingGifts

Here are some other stores I think you might like:

“This set of 4 “farm animal” blocks is $ 15.00 and it’s for a sweet little girl named Anna.  This customer was one of my very first sales a few months ago.  I made custom sets for her  little ones.  She CAME BACK to purchase gifts!!! It’s very, very exciting and I am so grateful to have such wonderful shoppers. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love :)” – MiaBoo

This is made by MiaBooo – click on the link to see her shop!

“This is a pair of my bow pants in the works.  The legs are done and ready to become a pair of pants and have the bows attached.  Behind those are stacks of Christmas preorders that are in various stages of completion.” – BridgetandCo

This is made by BridgetandCo – click on the link to see her shop!

“This is a shopping cart cover for your little one that will make you never want to go back to a life without it! There are so many awesome features that stand out from others – it’s super cushy, reversible, made with materials specifically for baby (not hard metal), and has pockets for mom!!” – iBstitchN

This is made by iBstitchN – click on the link to see her shop!

“This darling toddler apron is made from designer fabric. It’s perfect for playdate, playing dress-up at a cafe, or helping mommy in the kitchen.” – babybarista

This awesome shop has an amazing Pre Black Friday deal going on! Type in Dreamy at the end of your order in the Coupon Code box and get 25% off!! This coupon won’t last so if you need some awesome Christmas presents for any babies or toddlers in your family hit this store up while it’s on!! This is made by babybarista – click the link to check out her shop!

“I got a lot of these clear glass coin like stones and decided to do something a little different with them. So I start by drilling a hole in to them, I sort of marble paint them, apply a clear glaze to protect it and then wire wrap it! It takes a little time to do this project, there are a lot of steps to it but I love the result and I think that it would work well with custom pieces.” – sweetnotion

Made by sweetnotion – click on her link to see her shop!

“This a button up diaper cover is crocheted with acrylic yarn and is accented with a wooden button. This is perfect for photo shoots or if you just prefer cute diaper covers with outfits. This is small enough for a newborn and up to 3 months.” – nicolesbreastfriends

Made by nicolesbreastfriends – click on the link to see her shop!

I hope you enjoyed the WIP Wednesday! We’ll be doing this every week so come back next week for some more fun!

Love Always,


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