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Crafts: It’s Showtime and A Crochet A Long!

6 Nov

So a lot of you know that I have been super busy craft shows and filling orders lately so I thought I’d send you an update! The first craft show I did was in Alexandria at Grounded Coffee. It was a hit! I did really well and for it being my first show I was SERIOUSLY impressed.

If you’ve never been to the coffee shop you have no idea what you are missing! I’m not a huge coffee drinker so today when we were dropping off orders I was excited when Brian decided to try one. His response? “Wow! This is better than Starbucks!” and I totally agreed (with my Strawberry Smoothie of course). They also have an amazing amount of baked goodies ranging from Blueberry Muffins and Banana Bread to Delicious Cake and Chocolate Cupcakes!

Then this weekend we had a fair here in Ashburn. There were 45-50 sellers and it went pretty well! It wasn’t quite as promoted as the coffee shop and it seemed like a majority of the traffic was lookers instead of buyers but it was nice to get my name out there. I shared part of my table with my Graphic Designer Andrea which was tons of fun! You can find her website here and her esty store here! She did all the designing for my banners, cards, and all that jazz 😉

Here’s a pic thanks to Andrea:

Well enough about me! I have some great news! A friend of mine is doing a Crochet-a-long this week and you cannot miss out on this!

This is the blog you’ll need to follow in order to do it. She says to get One Skein 6 oz or larger of worsted weight yarn an H (5mm) hook, and a bag to keep it in while you’re doing your progress. The only hints she’s giving out right now is that it’s a perfect gift for the men in your life! This is going to be AWESOME!


Alright! I’ll try better to keep in touch with you all and post a few more pictures of my progress 😉


Thanks for stopping by!

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