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Thoughtful Thursday: Bad Day Bad Day GO AWAY!

9 Feb

How do you get out of a slump from a horribly no good day? Sometimes when I’m having one of those no good days I have to stop whatever I’m trying to do and sit for a little while. It’s usually those no good days that I actually have time and REALLY want to craft but I know if I do I’ll just mess it up somehow and end up grumpier than I started. Here are some tips I found to beat those absolutely horrible days or at least just keep you entertained enough to pass the time away 😉

  • Turn on your favorite music to lighten up the mood and keep happy thoughts in your head!


  • Check out your calendar for the week and make sure to leave yourself a little time each day to make up for the loss of today!
  • Sometimes I take a walk outside – some fresh air and exercise sometimes makes the day less of a pain.
  • Get in a super comfy outfit, make your favorite drink, get lost on your favorite website.


  • A little progress is better than nothing at all – find the easiest thing on your list to do and do that ONE thing and be proud of yourself!
  • The best thing for me to do is to not talk to anyone about my bad day – the more I talk about it the more mad I get!
  • Catch up on DVR‘d shows, Netflix, or get lost in a good book!


Hopefully this helps you get out of your slump and helps me too 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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