Work In Progress Wednesday: Cork Business Card Holders

22 Feb

One thing I’ve been excited to try out is cork business card holders! They looked super easy to make and I was hoping they would be super cheap as well. I went around to the local wine shops and asked them to save me their corks as well as buying them off a friend of mine đŸ˜€

What you’ll want for this project is a serrated knife, an exacto knife, a cutting board, a cork and maybe a pen to mark where you want to cut!

You are going to want to cut one edge of the cork to make a flat side that’s going to lay down flat on the table. I used the serrated knife for this job!

Then I used my exacto knife to mark where I was going to cut on the opposite side. I cut with the serrated knife, then used the exacto knife to pull out the little pieces of cork that were still stuck.

And TADA you have a cork business card holder! I say this is a Work In Progress because I’m not 100% satisfied with how it came out. Two things I want to fix are the opening for the cards (there has to be an easier cleaner way to do this) and then the fact that the cork is so light that you can’t put more than two cards in it without it falling over. I’m going to try to add a weight to the bottom to see if that solves the problem! So more to come on this post đŸ˜›

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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