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An Official Work Play Day!

31 Mar

Today’s the day! The first full day I will be working in my studio! I call it a work play day since as much as it is me working – it’s too much fun to just leave it as work 😉

For those of you who were checking out my studio yesterday in my last post: Welcome to the Studio Life – you may have noticed that my birthday cabinet wasn’t anywhere in sight! Some of you had asked where it was and what I was using it for now so I snapped a few photos 😉

Since the cabinet is a little heavy, fits so perfectly in my apartment, and I have so much other crafting things I can use it for – I left it in my apartment! I decided I would use it for the loads of yarn I have stashed around the house (in a million different places).

Unfortunately not all my yarn fits – half because I don’t have the right buckets to put in the cabinet (which I’ll probably go out and buy lol) half because there’s a HUGE tub still hanging out in my storage! I separated on my yarns by brand and put my projects I’m workin on in the extra space on the side. Except the blue bin obviously has a project in there as well as the top pink one and the bucket on top of the cabinet. I will be working on these at home while I can’t be at the studio so I will ALWAYS be working lol.

Another view of all those lovely bins of yarn ❤ Obviously the bottom one is my favorite yarn. So super soft and LOVE all the bright colors.

And now back to my work day! If you’ve been to my blog before you might have seen these gorgeous curtains for a little girls room. I am now putting lining in them to make the room a little darker so that gorgeous little girl can sleep a little better 😉

I bought yards and yards of black out material that I am so excited to work with!


Well I have a lot of “work” to get done so I’ll see you all later 😉

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Welcome to the Studio Life <3

30 Mar

I promised pictures of the new studio – so here it is! A bedroom turned studio just for my work! ❤ I am so excited to have my own space to  get work done 🙂

I’m not exactly sure how much the square footage it is but it’s more than enough for what I need! I absolutely LOVE the big bright windows so I made sure to put my sewing machine right next to all that natural light! I’ve got everything set up and ready to work this weekend and plenty of material to make so much inventory I won’t need to go shopping for months 😛

Under and beside the bed is all my inventory and shipping needs. I’m going to use the bed as my packing table so it’s always set and ready for orders!

And here it is! My favorite part of having my own studio – not having to set up and break down an ironing board!! It seems pathetic but BOY am I so happy to not have to do this again 🙂

What do you think of my new space? Have you recently gotten your own work space? Tell me all about it!

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Give Me Some Space Please <3

29 Mar

One of the things that I’ve been trying to do these past few months is work in an area with limited space! I’ve spent months after months setting up the ironing board, pulling out tubs from storage with fabric, clearing off as much table top spaces as I can find, and attempting to make projects that take hours and finish it in a two-hour timeline so that I can pack it all up, put everything back, and make it look like I was never there. After a while that’s exhausting. It’s especially frustrating when you don’t get to finish the project but you know you’ve got to pack it up anyways.

For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to figure out a solution. I’ve been dreaming about magically making an extra bedroom appear out of thin air in this apartment!! Finally, my husband and I came up with a solution. We’d figure out how much money I could put into studio space without paying so much that I only broke even.



I now have a studio to make all my projects in. I never have to set up and break down an entire studio within a two-hour window! I can leave my projects half-finished, close the door, and get back to it when I can! I don’t have to worry about waking up my daughter while I’m trying to sew during nap time! I have set hours to get work done without interruptions. I am on my way to being a successful small business!


I’ll show you the pictures of my awesome space tomorrow 🙂 because right now I’m so exhausted from moving in, my body can barely handle it!

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The Perfect Finds!

28 Mar

After a day long trip of thrift store hunting I found some AWESOME finds! I also found some awesome places to go back for some more shopping as well as other’s I’ll probably skip unless I’m looking for something specific..

Check out my awesome finds:

My mother-in-law found this perfect bench for Emma at the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift shop! It doesn’t need anything done to it and we’ve already put it to use a few times 😉

I found this desk at Unique in Falls Church! I’m going to sand it down, paint it or stain it, and paint the top of the desk with chalkboard paint! I’m so excited to see how this turns out!

Here is Emma’s new desk chair! It needs a few touch ups so we’ll be sanding and painting this one as well. It’s a little big for her but she can get in and out of it on her own so I think this will be something she grows with perfectly!

This was an impulse buy! It was only two bucks so I’m going to touch up the paint, lay a thin sheet of wood down in it and wrap that with fabric to make a cute tray to place things in!

Heck yes for cheap patterns! Especially home decor patterns! I hate spending a bunch of money on patterns not knowing whether I’m going to like them or change them 😉 This is a great way to try new patterns without feeling that guilt of paying too much! I also bought some awesome fabric by the bunch that you’ll see when I show off my work with these new patterns 😀

Hooray for two dollar batting! I spend a fortune on batting and usually buy it in bulk like this but you can’t beat less than 50 cents a yard!

So those were my awesome finds this weekend! The Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shop in Purcellville is going to be my first trip each weekend from now on. That thrift store was AMAZING!

Stay tuned to see what I do with these perfect finds!

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Tuesday Tutorial: Pencil Case!

27 Mar

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty 😉

This crafty tutorial comes from: ASpoonfulofSugar

How to Make a Pencil Case

With the new school year nearly upon us in Australia, I am making up a few easy zipperedpatchwork pencil cases. This is a great scrap buster project. The little zippered pouches can be used for all manner of things. Mine was sized to fit approx 6 pens; or a small pack of tissues; or a small notebook and pen; or a few cosmetics.



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Motivational Monday: Faith

26 Mar

Goal Number One: Spend A Little Dough

24 Mar

After carefully scrutinizing my pro’s and con’s list from yesterday’s post: Figuring Out Me – I’ve come up with my first goal for this blog! Sunday morning I am getting up and going yard sale/thrift store shopping!! I’m taking 20 bucks in cold hard cash and buying things to make brand new! My goal is to stick within that 20 dollar budget and make a miracle happen. I’m going to lean towards items that are for organizing, home decor, furniture, and things I can’t resist 😛

My long term goal within this goal – is to do it as many Sunday’s as I can! If they are items that I don’t think I’d use in my own home then I’ll be putting them up for sale on etsy. If I do use them you’ll get to see how and where I use them 😀

Who’s ready to be amazed!?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thank you google images for the photos :D

Figuring out Me!

23 Mar

After going through a process of making a schedule and figuring out how to be the most productive I took a little siesta! It feels like ages since I’ve been in a routine of things even though it’s only been two weeks but a toddler can do that to you! All it took was missing a few naps and I was completely off tune 😉

So now that things are back to normal around here (someone decided naps weren’t all that bad), I’ve been picking up my old routine habits and restoring order!

One thing that I always left time for in my schedule was some research and reading time! I love reading other blogs and success stories for small businesses and something caught my attention. I read that the most successful businesses and blogs spend three years failing, learning, striving, and making it work! Another post I read said that you have to do what you love the most in order for it to be something you want to keep up with!

So I’m all set and prepared for another two years of failing, learning, striving, and making it work! I’m also working on me and finding out exactly what it is I love, what I’m good at, and what I’m not so great at. Here’s a list of pro’s and con’s that I came up with – thanks to a little help from the people I love the most 😀

Pros: Things I’m good at, enjoy, or personality traits that are positive for my blog and business

* I love making something new out of something old.

* I can visualize an entire project in minutes.

* I’m easily motivated & excited.

* I get a kick out organizing & planning things.

* I’m always up for trying something new.

* I have this overwhelming need to help.

* I like sharing & teaching others.

* I always keep an open mind – nothing is impossible!

Cons: Things that I’m not so great at and probably need to work on or just keep in mind while I’m moving forward

* I’m either indecisive or jump into things too quickly.

* I strive to be budget friendly – but often times I spend more than I’d like.

* I overwhelm myself with too many things.

* I can get easily frustrated.

* I hate cleaning up an unfinished project but I can’t leave a mess out.

* I’m easily distracted!

* I have a hard time saying No.

* I don’t always finish everything I start.

* I never leave myself enough time.

So now that I’ve got this list in front of me I feel like I can put all my pro’s in to order and make the best out of my blog & etsy store as possible. I just can’t forget about those con’s 😉

I’ll keep you posted on how this process is working out for me and how it’s helping my blog and business!

What are your pro’s and con’s?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Play Space Step One Complete!

22 Mar

I told you this would happen fast 😉

For those of you who haven’t read my blog I wrote a post the other day here: Play Space Makeover about what I was hoping to do with Emma’s play space area.

Well it only took a day and I already have the easy half of it complete! Check it out:

I bought the cabinet and bins last night and stayed up late to set it up! I love the way it looks and I’m happy about the height of it. Emma played with it this morning and she is at perfect viewing and reaching height of the books. Of course they are all over the floor right now but I’ll try not to complain about that 😉

Something I’m super excited about that I did not expect is that she pulls out the bin halfway, pulls out the toy she wants, and pushes it back. I thought for sure she’d pull the whole bin out and dump the entire thing on the floor! This may just make our place a little cleaner. The next step I want to do for the bins is to put white vinyl pictures of the items that are in the boxes on the outside so Emma will learn where things belong and we can start a clean up routine!

The toy chest in this next picture is not going to be there but I did it more for a visual:

We are going to be building a little desk right there. We’ll be using white shelving board to create a custom desk that will fit along the length of the wall with a little side table at the end closest to the chair. I think I’m going to be able to fit a few of the floor toys (like the doll house in the bottom right corner) under the desk so that it’s not taking up extra floor space but it’s still accessible.

Thanks to my dad for being an amazing custom building fiend, he’s teaching me what I need to know about building custom pieces. We bought some foamboard and we are going to cut a template out to see what it will look like when we finish! As soon as we get that completed I’ll do another post so you can see it all coming together and then we’ll be buying the materials and getting it ready. While I’m waiting on that step I’ve been keeping my eyes out for little desk chairs that I can fix up like this I found on Craigslist:

The one she is selling is pink so I might paint it back to white but we’ll see 😀


What do you think of the cabinet and bins? Have you thought of any cool ways to store big floor toys? I’d love to hear what you think!


Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,



Play Space Makeover!

21 Mar

Hey everyone! Since I’m having trouble getting anything done around here I thought I’d let you in on my brainstorming projects. Today I’m going to show you what I have planned for Emma’s Play Space. Just so you know, her place space is a little 4×4 area in our living room since we have a small basement apartment. This is what it looks like now:

She’s crammed into this little corner that I tried to make as accessible as possible to her. She still has a huge amount of floor space that she can pull out all her toys and play with but what I’m hoping to do in this process is create an organized area that’s easier to get to and the possibility of her playing in that area as well!

In this picture you can see that she’s also spread out in front of our TV area. Since she has some big floor toys it’s hard to keep them all in one little area so I’ll be working on figuring out a solution for this as well!

Here is her bedroom play area. She spends as much time in here as she does out in the living room so I’m going to try to divide up the toys into what fits better where 😉

So what I have planned is going to be a big makeover! We are going to be purchasing this in white (if you hadn’t noticed I like clean white furniture):

I’m going to be buying these or something similar to these to put inside the cubbies:

and on the cubbies I am going to stick a vinyl decal in the shape of the toy that goes in that bucket – like this but probably in white:

So that is the beginning of my organizing process. I want to get as many toys off the floor as I can and make it so it’s easier for her to put them away and find them again. With the toy bin it makes it super easy to clean, but impossible to find all the right toys. Now that Emma is old enough I’m really excited about teaching her how to put her toys away in a defined area!

Okay so her little corner consists of two walls. The cubbie cabinet will be on one wall and on the other wall I want to build a simple small desk. Similar to this picture but without the cubbies on top or bottom.

Then right off the end of that table attached to it, I want to build a little triangle side table so I can put her tan chair next to it facing at a better angle to the TV (yes she likes TV and yes I let her watch it – don’t yell at me 😛 haha)

If you aren’t one of those people who can easily picture something I’m super sorry! Good news about this project is that it will be starting up soon so you’ll get to see it all happening in no time!

What do you think about my makeover ideas? Do you have suggestions for those big floor toys?

Thanks for stopping by!
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