Figuring out Me!

23 Mar

After going through a process of making a schedule and figuring out how to be the most productive I took a little siesta! It feels like ages since I’ve been in a routine of things even though it’s only been two weeks but a toddler can do that to you! All it took was missing a few naps and I was completely off tune 😉

So now that things are back to normal around here (someone decided naps weren’t all that bad), I’ve been picking up my old routine habits and restoring order!

One thing that I always left time for in my schedule was some research and reading time! I love reading other blogs and success stories for small businesses and something caught my attention. I read that the most successful businesses and blogs spend three years failing, learning, striving, and making it work! Another post I read said that you have to do what you love the most in order for it to be something you want to keep up with!

So I’m all set and prepared for another two years of failing, learning, striving, and making it work! I’m also working on me and finding out exactly what it is I love, what I’m good at, and what I’m not so great at. Here’s a list of pro’s and con’s that I came up with – thanks to a little help from the people I love the most 😀

Pros: Things I’m good at, enjoy, or personality traits that are positive for my blog and business

* I love making something new out of something old.

* I can visualize an entire project in minutes.

* I’m easily motivated & excited.

* I get a kick out organizing & planning things.

* I’m always up for trying something new.

* I have this overwhelming need to help.

* I like sharing & teaching others.

* I always keep an open mind – nothing is impossible!

Cons: Things that I’m not so great at and probably need to work on or just keep in mind while I’m moving forward

* I’m either indecisive or jump into things too quickly.

* I strive to be budget friendly – but often times I spend more than I’d like.

* I overwhelm myself with too many things.

* I can get easily frustrated.

* I hate cleaning up an unfinished project but I can’t leave a mess out.

* I’m easily distracted!

* I have a hard time saying No.

* I don’t always finish everything I start.

* I never leave myself enough time.

So now that I’ve got this list in front of me I feel like I can put all my pro’s in to order and make the best out of my blog & etsy store as possible. I just can’t forget about those con’s 😉

I’ll keep you posted on how this process is working out for me and how it’s helping my blog and business!

What are your pro’s and con’s?

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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