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An Official Work Play Day!

31 Mar

Today’s the day! The first full day I will be working in my studio! I call it a work play day since as much as it is me working – it’s too much fun to just leave it as work 😉

For those of you who were checking out my studio yesterday in my last post: Welcome to the Studio Life – you may have noticed that my birthday cabinet wasn’t anywhere in sight! Some of you had asked where it was and what I was using it for now so I snapped a few photos 😉

Since the cabinet is a little heavy, fits so perfectly in my apartment, and I have so much other crafting things I can use it for – I left it in my apartment! I decided I would use it for the loads of yarn I have stashed around the house (in a million different places).

Unfortunately not all my yarn fits – half because I don’t have the right buckets to put in the cabinet (which I’ll probably go out and buy lol) half because there’s a HUGE tub still hanging out in my storage! I separated on my yarns by brand and put my projects I’m workin on in the extra space on the side. Except the blue bin obviously has a project in there as well as the top pink one and the bucket on top of the cabinet. I will be working on these at home while I can’t be at the studio so I will ALWAYS be working lol.

Another view of all those lovely bins of yarn ❤ Obviously the bottom one is my favorite yarn. So super soft and LOVE all the bright colors.

And now back to my work day! If you’ve been to my blog before you might have seen these gorgeous curtains for a little girls room. I am now putting lining in them to make the room a little darker so that gorgeous little girl can sleep a little better 😉

I bought yards and yards of black out material that I am so excited to work with!


Well I have a lot of “work” to get done so I’ll see you all later 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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