This Is What I Choose!

4 Apr

I ran across this on someone’s facebook page and read it over and over in awe of it!

This is something I need to wake up to every morning! I can’t even choose which line is my favorite, they all really apply to me. I’d have to say these past few months I have done something I have never pushed myself to do before. Just spending the time to really figure out what my problems were and how I could fix them really has made a difference in my life.

I started out realizing what was working in my life and what wasn’t. Lists overwhelm me, clutter drives me nuts, the things in my home don’t necessarily make me want to spend time there! So I’ve been slowly fixing each thing.

  • I quit making lists, if something came up that I needed to do – I did it right away so there was no reason to write it down to remember. If it was something I needed to add to my schedule – I put it on my calendar and no where else!
  • I spent a little time getting rid of things that were a waste of space and taking up room in my life and home! This took a good few weeks to tackle. I spent a little time in each space and realized that even though I went through my entire house and decluttered – I should be doing a little of that each day and I have been.
  • I’ve put a little money aside each weekend to go buy something to make my own. I’m slowly designing my home piece by piece until I feel like it’s a space that I really love. Thank goodness for thrift stores because I’ve found some awesome things at really great prices that I get to make into my own thing!

I went from someone who didn’t want to work outside of my house because I wanted to spend time with my daughter and I like to hibernate in the winter – to someone who realized that I need space to do my work and if that meant a little time away from Emma or even a spot outside of my house, I needed to do it!

I’ve set goals that aren’t unrealistic! I’m a big dreamer. I love planning my future and hoping for the best things in life but I’ve never been the kind of person to follow through with my plans. Instead I make new, even better plans than before! These past two years I have stuck to my goal, set realistic mini goals within my big goal, and stuck to it. At the rate I’m going – I’ll be achieving my big goal in no time!

So here’s to choosing! Because you can and when you do – it makes life that much better 🙂

What are choosing to do?

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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