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13 Apr

I finally got the chance to hide out in my studio for an hour and have been daydreaming of things I can make out of my scraps. The bag that holds the large amount of scraps I own is busting out the seams and since I love all the fabric I have in there I refuse to let it go to waste! I decided for my first scrap project I was going to make a simple square wide pin cushion. I inherited a traditional small pin cushion like this:

It works WONDERS for the projects that I have been doing but once I started making an assembly line of products to sew I realized really quickly that it was way to tiny to hold the amount of needles this chick uses 😉

So I decided to go with something more practical. Something with more surface around the top and less round to prevent the rolling that my old one does when I accidentally hit it in the process of throwing things! (Really just scrambling to find missing pieces lol)

Check it out:

Of course I chose polka-dots – gotta love them!

I’m so darn proud of my new pin cushion! Not to mention it’s going to hold triple the amount of pins my original one does 😀 You have no idea how much that excites me! Hooray for scraps – hooray for new sewing accessories 😀

What do you like to make with your fabric scraps?

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