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Another Busy Day!

15 Apr

Wow! This weekend was crazy busy – but oh so much fun 🙂 We started off this morning watching Brian wash his car. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting around watching someone else do work! Haha. Especially work that you will never be required to do 😉

Emma wasn’t having as much fun watching I was so after a while she hopped on her bike and tried to give it a spin. This is the first year we’ve gotten it out and she sits on it perfectly, knows to put her feet on the petals, get’s the motion in which the petals move, but has yet to figure out the whole pushing to make it move part. We’ve got all summer to learn 😉

After that we packed it up and decided to run a few errands. Brian and I went to our local sporting goods and bought a few things for the upcoming softball games with his company. We went in for a list of things for him and came out with an awesome new bat for me! Oh and yes the list of things for him 😉

After crushing it at the batting cages I was daydreaming of a new bat but online research told me it wasn’t happening. When we walked into the store I slowly gravitated over to the bats just to have a look and I was shocked to find out that they were 150 dollars cheaper than online!!!?? WHAT!!!??? For that price – I couldn’t resist.

Then finally after nap time I got some time to work on the itty bitty desk makeover! I didn’t get to finish everything so there will be a part two to see tomorrow but I couldn’t resist showing you what I’ve done so far!

I cut out batting and fabric to cover the seat and make it padded. My favorite part about staple gunning fabric to a seat is the fact that you can just rip it out later and change the fabric to fit the style you want it to be!

Here is a close up of the seat! The secret to keeping the shape of the heart while padding it was to pull the fabric tight in the middle of the top of the heart and stapling it there first. Then spread out the fabric and pull around the rest of it. Tomorrow you’ll see the final touches of the desk! I’m painting chalkboard paint on the top of the desk for some extra fun 😀

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