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Pinning It and I’m Not Talking About Pinterest!

17 Apr

Hey everyone! It’s still the beginning of the work week here and I’ve been attempting to make a few samples of my newest creation! If you missed it – I made a super cool new pin cushion. The traditional one was driving me nuts rolling all over the place so I made this flat square one with more surface room on the top for more pins! Check it out:

I was so darn happy with it that I decided to make a couple more to take with me to the craft show. I dug through all my scraps and separated them into piles (which took me ages since I have so many darn scraps!) and decided which ones I thought would be the best for these little cushions. It didn’t take me long once I got on a roll of cutting – these are the next eight pin cushions I’ll be making this week:

It was hard to just choose eight but I had to limit myself because I tend to get carried away with cutting and prepping. If you haven’t noticed I have boxes and boxes and boxes of pre-cut material just waiting to be sewn into certain things:

Every one of those buckets you see has either pre-cut fabric or thread and ribbon. On top of the desk in the black and red boxes are burp cloth pieces as well as activity blanket pieces. If I had to guess there are probably around 100+ burp cloths and 80 some activity blankets. At the bottom you can see the only fabric that I haven’t cut is piled ready to be cut 🙂 I have an addiction.

So before I cut any more scraps – I am going to make those eight pin cushions! Haha.

Thanks for stopping by!

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