Hump Day

23 May

Hey everyone!

I’m having one of those days where it doesn’t matter what you try to do –  you fail miserably. After a while I gave up and decided not to try anything but it still led to me sitting there miserably..

Maybe it’s just me but I’m one of those people who can’t just have a bad day. I attempt as many ways as possible to turn it around and make it get better and thank goodness for my persistence because here I am feeling like I’m back on my feet and ready to keep going!

I have to admit it was NOT an easy process and for a while there I didn’t really have an option to make anything better. Once I was done work for the day and Brian got home I turned off the computer, put my phone down, and took a shower. Part of me being miserable was literally feeling disgusting from all the humidity and chasing after little girls today. After scrubbing down I felt fresh and clean, ate some food, and pulled out the sweet tea 🙂 Nothing makes a terrible day better than some awesome sweet tea!

Another thing that always seems to get my mind off whatever is bugging me is some good music. I turned Pandora on my Taylor Swift station and got to organizing my desk so I have a place to get things done and feel accomplished again.

It doesn’t take much for me to feel bogged down with a bunch of little miscellaneous things to do and putting them off is just plain torture because they keep adding up! I cleared off my desk, made a pile, and knocked one thing out at a time. I still have a little pile next to me but the important things are done and I’m already feeling like there’s a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Things are starting to look up and I still have three hours left in the day to enjoy!

Here’s to hoping your bad days turn around fast!

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Always,


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