New Toys for Mommy!!

28 Jun

When Brian gets spending money – he buys video games and DVDs, every chance we go out and Emma is amazingly sweet and patient we buy here a $1.00 toy, when I get spending money – I buy organization and functional things!! ❤

Check out what awesome finds I found for the kitchen at target:


Fun new canisters to hold my favorite things – sugar, rice, brown sugar, and powered sugar! ❤ Can you tell I love sugar? 😉 My favorite thing about these canisters is the little rubber pieces at the top. They squish out all the air when you close them and you know it’s sealed tight! Love Love Love!


Since we don’t have much counter space – I’ve never been the kind of person to buy something that blatantly takes up perfectly usable counter space but I couldn’t resist! This piece was so perfect and I LOVE fresh fruit. It’s been the one thing that’s kept me from snacking on chips and other horrible snacks. Now that it’s out and in my face, hopefully I’ll take advantage of it and it will be easier to pick fruits over junk 😉


My junk drawer needed me to buy this! We have so many darn utensils that we usually on a random basis. My usual utensils get lost in them and it becomes a frustrating time when I’m in the middle of cooking. So I bought this to pull out my most used pieces. My favorite thing about this piece? It swivels!! So I can just smack it around until I find what I want 😉 If only everything in life was that fun!

I can’t wait to go to Target with some more spending money. I’m thinking about all the fun organization pieces I can find for the living room and our bedroom!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love Always,


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