Lovely Blog Award

22 Jul

I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and nothing is better than getting a comment or message from another blogger saying, “I love your blog!” and what better way to say it then give me the Lovely Blog Award?! Thank you so much NorthofSeven for nominating me!

Also a big thank you to all my followers who have made blogging that much more fun. I started off this journey trying to find an outlet for all my time being a stay at home mom. Emma wasn’t even a year old and I had decided to quit my job and spend more time with her even if that meant living on a budget. Being budget friendly to me meant be creative in finding the best ways to use money, resources, and create usable items out of what we already had.

I’ve always been a crafty and DIY kind of person but after starting my blog I realized that a typical job wasn’t for me. Being able to stay home with my daughter is a luxury and getting paid to watch my little girl grow up with another child in her life is my second luxury. My third is getting to do something I love – that I never thought could provide me with things to live. Blogging and crafting have done exactly that and without the readers, the comments, and the support – I wouldn’t be here without you all today!

Okay well enough rambling about that! Part of the One Lovely Blog Award is writing seven random facts about myself.. hmm let’s see what I’ve got for you 😉

  1. My biggest life dream is to be able to have a beach house and a winter house. I’m not sure where I want my winter house to be whether it’s the mountains or just somewhere I’ve always dreamed of living like Williamsburg, VA – but the thought of being able to live in different places during different seasons seems like the ultimate lifestyle!
  2. I am a HUGE procrastinator. Chances are high that my blog posts aren’t finished until the night before I post them. I used to just post them when I finished typing them but now that I’ve gotten on a schedule of a post a day sometimes I’m lucky and am a day or more ahead – but only sometimes!
  3. It may seem like we are busy a lot – and sometimes we are! But most of the time my husband and I are busy being ourselves. Which means we like to spend quality time together as a family and lay around the house together. I wouldn’t give that up for anything!
  4. I secretly wanted to be a book writer when I was high school. Probably even before that! English was my best subject except for grammer sometimes as well as reading comprehension. I looooooooved creative writing. In high school I wrote a 10 chapter book. Each chapter was almost 20 pages and it took me almost a year. Our computer died and I lost it all. Probably one of my saddest moments!
  5. I’m dangerous. I was that girl that was willing to try anything. I was friends with a lot of guys and wanted nothing more but to be one of the guys! Which meant that I did stupid stuff all the time. One of those things I did, I continued to do in college which led me to my husband. I was a skateboarder. Not a great one at all but I enjoyed it enough to keep it up. When college came around I decided to longboard instead. I went down this huge hill to show off to Brian and I made it perfectly fine the first time! The second time I didn’t, cracked my femur in three places and sat in the hospital with my future husband while he took care of me. Stupid things sometimes turn into the best things that ever happen to you 😉 so I like to say it was a risk worth taking!
  6. Something that you may not know about me is that I second guess myself like a crazy person and I’m super shy! Most people that I meet say that they don’t see those qualities in me but they are there! I worry all the time, wonder if I make the right decisions, what people think about me, is what I’m wearing make me look 12, do they think I’m weird, the list could go on. I’m downright self-conscious!
  7. Hmm. What else.. lets see. Oh this one is near and dear to my heart! I am a photographic learner. I learn by seeing it done and doing it myself. I’m a hands on kind of girl and I wish school systems were more adapt to teaching that way. Rarely did I do well in a class that was all books and regurgitating information. I need my senses peaked in order to really get it in my memory. Which is another reason I don’t think college was for me and I wish there were more places that were available to people who learn like I do because I know there are plenty of them out there that are getting by with C’s that could easily have A’s if they were taught in a different way.

So enough about me – let’s share some love of some blogs I think are absolutely lovely and that you should check out!


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Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,

2 Responses to “Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Nykki Shepherd July 23, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    Congratulations on your lovely blog award Jen!! What a lovely read today, I so agree with your argument about different ways to teach. I did complete 7 years of university, but it wasn’t until I started to work and be able to take things apart and watch others doing the things that I’d try to lodge in my brain for close to a decade suddenly became logical and clear. I often think that people would find their niches so much more easily if we could go back to the apprentice system of learning, where you do as you learn. So enjoy your blog, I read each post and enjoy the little peek into your world. Thanks so much! :0) Nykki. xo

  2. underestimatedmom July 23, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    Thank you Nykki! It’s fun to share random facts about myself 😉 Yes!!! So you know exactly how I feel. My mom went through school to be a teacher but didn’t find out until she was in the classroom that she didn’t enjoy it. Four years of college down the drain for her. They really should put you in a hands on experience from the beginning to see if it’s really what you enjoy to do. I think I would have excelled in an apprentice system for sure!

    I’m glad you enjoy it ❤ Thanks for all the love!

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