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Bring On The Boy!

25 Jul

Hey everyone! I’ve been switching up my crafts from Pink to Blue! Now that Emma’s Birthday crafts are done I’m doing a project for a friend of my dads:

So let’s Bring on the Boy crafts! I’m making frames like I did for Emma’s name and decided to pick a gray pattern for the background color. I think the really dark blue goes great with a gray and for the initials I’ll be using a lighter blue to go with the theme of the little boys room.

The great thing about these frames is you can easily switch out the paper in the back if you are ever trying to change a rooms color theme. Because I use vinyl for the letters you can peel them off and switch the paper out in minutes! Say in a few years this little boy is getting bigger and they choose yellow walls instead of light blue – add a pattern with a yellow color in the paper and it sticks with the color scheme!

Along with the frames I’m also making a list of other things but yesterday I started working on the burp cloths and activity blanket. I don’t know what it is about this fabric but I think it’s perfect for little boys!

I’ll be adding more posts of what I’m making – along with the grand finale of the finished gift basket so stay tuned!

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