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Kicking Fridge Clutter Goodbye!

26 Jul

I’ve been looking for ideas to get rid of my fridge clutter but still be able to have my grocery list, meal ideas, and what I’m going to make that week schedule. As you can see my fridge could use a little TLC:

I finally found one that peeked my interest.


Painting a cabinet door with chalkboard paint! ❤ It took a couple coats of paint but each time I got that much more excited.


Then after three coats and time to dry it was ready to played with!!

Ahh!!! I love it! My favorite thing about it is I can close the cabinet door and you can’t see any of the chaos 😀 I do need to get a little better at writing with chalk though – that’s obviously not my strong point 😉


My fridge looks happier too 🙂


Thanks for stopping by.


Love Always,



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