Wolf Trap: The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

29 Jul

Happy 25th Anniversary Zelda ❤

Last Thursday my husband and I went to Wolf Trap to see the National Symphony play a tribute to Zelda and the Goddesses within the video game story line. Each year we try to go to Wolf Trap at least once to see whatever they have that’s video game related. We’ve been to the Video Games Live event in 2009, and watched the Symphony play Final Fantasy in 2010 -which if you don’t know, has one of top if not best music to the game. We missed out on last years event but I have a feeling we won’t be doing that again 😉

The symphony played a wonderful array of music going from the original Zelda and on to now but of course they had to start with the theme song ;). It was amazing to see such a huge crowd at an event like this as well as the ones in the past. It’s obvious that the gaming industry has done so much for it’s followers and there are so many dedicated ones who enjoy these events so much.

Even though the video and computer games I play are limited and very much on the girly side – I still enjoy watching Brian play these and 99.9% of the time I know the characters, story line, music, and exciting parts of the game just because I get lost watching him play 🙂

Video games will always be a big part of our lives and I’m hoping that when we move out into a new home that Brian will let me have some say in decorating his man cave. I’ve always wanted to create a room dedicated to him and what he loves as well as find a balance with the design part of me. I’m thinking gray’s, black’s, white’s, with the pops of color from his posters. Maybe even some chevron pillows!

Hopefully he won’t mind 😉 haha!

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Always,


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