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A Get it Done Moment

1 Aug

When you come across a couple uninterrupted hours and a nice day outside you have to take it for all it’s worth! I packed up my painting supplies and went to work:

Who’s ready to get messy!? I am!! With three separate frames and two solid frames I was ready to go to town!

It took about two solid coats of white for me to be happy with them primed and bring on some color!

I went with three totally different colors in hopes of getting some variety. Bright red, light purple, and a POP of blue 🙂

Then I added some decorative paper to give it a little fun. They are all ready to be hung for some fun wall art or I can add letters/initials to each one to give them some personal love ❤

A fun purple with multiple colored polka dots is a fun way to spice up any little girls room or even a hallway that needs a little life!

These are definitely a statement piece! A great way to brighten up any room that’s ready for some fun – maybe a family room or playroom? I could even see these in a kitchen 🙂

This one is my absolute favorite. This bright pop of blue brings out the leaf design in the paper and what can I say – I am crazy about a bright blue! I could see this in my bedroom, bathroom, or even my hallway! I might even add hooks on the bottom to hang keys on.

Keep an eye out – these will be in my Etsy shop soon!

Which one is your favorite and why?

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