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This Is My Kind Of Morning!

10 Aug

This past Friday I woke up an hour early. Normally people would complain about missing out on an hour of sleep but as soon as I realized I was awake and it was 6:45 I jumped out of bed ecstatic! It’s not often that I get many hours to myself during the day so a whole extra hour is like a gift to me.

I did my usual morning routine filled with getting ready, cleaning up the place (so it doesn’t look like a pig pen), and starting a load of laundry. It’s amazing how quickly all of these things get done when you don’t have a little helper “helping” you!

Big surprise – I even got the dishwasher unloaded and loaded and ate breakfast in piece! ❤ Honestly I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t share my breakfast.

The best part of all – I got to check my emails, reply black, read my favorite blogs, and write this post.

So now I’m going to go enjoy the rest of my fifteen minutes of freedom sitting outside on my patio soaking up some outdoor quiet time ❤


What’s your favorite way to start the day?


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Love Always,


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