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Shopping Shopping Shopping!

12 Aug

Every time I go shopping with my Dad, we always end up coming home with more than what we went out for 🙂 If I’m going craft store shopping sometimes I’ll wait until I get a chance to go with him because he’s so much fun to go with. We’ll be walking around the store and he’ll pick up random things and ask me what I could make out if it 😀 Got to love the support I get from him!

As usual I go into JoAnn’s and buy them out of their frames but they never have enough so I put in a special order for more! Chances are high I’ll be raiding all their frames again before Seafood Festival 🙂

My Dad and I also raided the remnant pile for some fabric (not like I have enough already!) I already have plans for each of these 🙂

I also put in an order for some yarn so I am excited to get that box in! After seeing my stash of yarn not to long ago you probably think I’m crazy for ordering more but it seems like I ran out of my most popular colors so I had to order a few more before the festival!

Which fabric is your favorite?

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