Green Craft Magazine Review

14 Aug

Green Craft Magazine is also published by Somerset but it is much more the inspiration I was looking for! If you like re-used, recycled, and refashioned things this magazine is right up your ally. I’m all about finding ways to make thrift store finds into something usable in my home but this magazine goes beyond that and really gives you ideas of things you can make that you may already have laying around in your home! That’s what I like to call budget friendly 😉

Now like the previous magazine this one has very wordy explanations and even though it has amazing quality photo’s it never really shows you HOW to make anything. Sure the list of materials is nice and the explanation is fun to read but being a visual person that I am you are really on your own to figuring out how to make these items. So I wouldn’t call this magazine a DIY magazine. More if a way to perk your interest and make you look at the materials around your house in a different light – as a well as a showcase to some pretty awesome etsy shops 🙂

All in all I really liked this magazine. There’s pro’s and con’s for sure but some things I’m willing to look past. What I really wanted out of these magazine reviews was to figure out which magazine I wanted to use as my inspiration and if that’s all it was being judged on then I’d say this one was a top winner, but because I factor in other things like how to’s, pictures, price, and how many magazines come out in a year – it makes this one probably less than higher on my list. Let’s see how it measure up in the numbers:

One magazine is $14.99 but for $79.99 you can get 5 semi-annual or annual magazines and receive a $20 gift card. So basically take away the $20 gift card from the price and you are paying $59.99 a year for 5 different magazines which comes to about $12.00 a year for one magazine subscription. It’s not too bad if you break it down but that’s the only option you get unless you want to buy one magazine at a time.

I give this magazine a 4 out of 5 stars although this one is definitely my second runner up so far!

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 3 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 2 points for price.

If you are just looking for some inspiration and not really how to’s or care about the price this one is a winner for you!

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One Response to “Green Craft Magazine Review”

  1. Nancy Perry August 11, 2013 at 7:45 am #

    What is your # 1 choice in magazine inspiration? I am new to recycling crafts.

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