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Surprise Pay It Forward!

17 Aug

Hey everyone! One of the blogs that I follow: hannahackroyd announced she is doing a Surprise Pay It Forward and I’ve decided to join in.  If you don’t know what this is – don’t worry – I didn’t either 😉

This is how it works:

I will send a surprise gift to the first 3 people to comment on this post.  This gift will be made by me and I will send it sometime within the next year.  Exactly when you will receive it will be a surprise.

And here are the rules:

1.  You must have a blog.

2. To sign up to receive a gift from me you must play along too.  Share the giving love on your blog by promising to send a handmade goody to the first three people who comment on your blog post.

3.  After commenting on my post, you have to post this (or similar) on your blog to spread the love.  If you haven’t posted in 48 hours then the next commenter will be chosen.

If you want to join in just comment below leaving your email address and if you’re one of the first three I will be contacting you for your info and I’ll be sending you something before the end of August next year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,



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Shopping and Receiving

17 Aug

So this week has been a huge shopping week as well as boxes being sent to me in the mail! ❤ I love surprises like that – even if I was the one that ordered it – chances are high I forgot about it and TADA surprise again 🙂

Check out what I’ve gotten recently:

A new mannequin! (Which I’m going to have to learn how to spell that word without spell check – honestly) YAY! This is to have to show off my scarves for my etsy shop as well as display for my craft shows. SO DARN EXCITED about this purchase 🙂

I got this awesome new necklace in the mail from my new best Etsy friend 🙂 Her shop is attached to the picture. She obviously knew what I’d love because she chose pink and green (my favorite colors) and this is exactly my style for jewelry!

Here’s a close up – HOW COOL IS THAT?

This one obviously wasn’t for me but I will definitely be playing this! I ordered this for my husband, we have a ton of Guitar Hero and Rockband songs we play together and he was missing his old version.

I bought this weeks magazine review 😀 I’m so excited to get started on some holiday gifts – aren’t you?

And of course I can’t go without raiding the remnant bin but for so long 😉 You are looking at future pillows right here!

This is one of my favorite ones so I think I’ll be making a pillow out of this on Saturday 🙂

I am also crazy in love with this fabric 🙂 it might be a pillow after Saturday as well!!

What do you think? I think I’m going to have to up my budget for spending if I keep buying all this madness!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love Always,


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