Oh Yes! The Others :)

18 Aug

So here’s to all the other things I got done this week that didn’t make it on my – oh this is so cool I have to talk about it on my blog! – posts 🙂


I’ve been making my sisters runners for her wedding, she wanted simple white runners! (Ignore all the wrinkles – it needs to be ironed!)


For my first time ever doing table runners – I’m pretty darn proud of my sewing 🙂 I had to show it off! It’s making me even thing I should make some placements and table runners for an every day dinner table! (I see more fabric shopping in my future haha)

I got two new burp cloths done! Hip Hip Hooray! It’s been a while since I’ve made these suckers and I actually missed it. Here’s to make about 50 more before October 😉


I thought this bug fabric was too cool – I also think I had an obsession with yellow that day..


An almost finished taggie! I plan on finishing this off tomorrow 🙂

And another scarf to add to my collection 🙂 This is already posted on Etsy for sale so if you want it – snatch it up while you get a chance! I don’t know if I’ll have another one like this until after October.

P.S. Doesn’t that make you think of Halloween candy? If only I had added an orange stripe section haha!


Hooray for getting things done this week! I didn’t realize how much I really got done until now 🙂 Here’s to another week of accomplishments!
Thanks for stopping by.


Love Always,



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