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Purchases and Presents!

27 Aug

Hey everyone! It’s been another fun filled week of buying things so I thought I’d show you what all I’ve gotten as well as a few things I received in the mail 😀


More Yarn! You can never have enough yarn..

More frames and fabric! I had custom ordered these since I bought them out of frames last time we went shopping and they came in. Of course I had to check out the remnant section while I was there. My dad actually found all of these – he has such a good eye!

Two new magazines to review! ❤ Anyone excited for a certain one?

I go this big old box of crafts for the crafty party my group is planning! My etsy team the Northern VA Craftaholics joined in on this event that Michael’s sponsored it so we got sent this awesome box of goodies!

Here’s a sneak of what was inside! The theme of the party is to create something that’s influenced by the area you are from. It’s called “Wish You Were Here”! Since this is a worldwide event it will be interesting to see what everyone makes. I’ll be posting about the event and what I made on Wednesday if you are interested!

Here are some extra goodies I bought at the thrift store fro the craft party event.

I go these from the thrift store for me for my craft show in October – a money box and a glass jar!

The last shopping we did for the week was to buy the rest of Emma’s birthday presents with her leftover birthday money. We went to Toys R Us and ha a great time picking out a bunch of goodies!

When we got to the DVD section we had a tough time deciding what we wanted. There were so many choices!! I love watching her little brain make a decision. She came out extremely happy with her purchases and not one single whine or tear! I’m so proud 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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