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A Special Delivery

17 Sep

This weekend I got a special delivery in my mailbox. A package from a fellow blogger who I fell in love with when I found her blog!


The best part about this special delivery? I had no idea what she was sending me!! She followed my blog and said she would get a few ideas from it of what to send me 🙂 It’s like we are long lost best friends because as soon as I opened the package I jumped for joy like a little kid!


A collection of goodies that I can not wait to play with / eat / drink!!

What I got:

  1. chocolate herbal tea (yum!)
  2. A dark chocolate bar (YUM)
  3. Buttons and flower appliques (so cute!)
  4. Lace and elastic (oh how I can’t wait to play with these!)


Why did she do this? Because she is an outrageously sweet, thoughtful, and selfless person. Which inspired me to send a goodie package to another fellow blogger. I stalked her pages for weeks and weeks and got a collection of items I thought she might enjoy. Stay tuned to see who and what I gave this blogger friend of mine (she has no idea it’s coming!).


Love Always,



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