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Friends In Town

14 Jun

This week/weekend we have a lot going on! We have friends from college in town!

Photo: :) love these guys!!!

It’s so nice to hang out with them and catch up! It’s also nice to use our guest room for the first time!

photo (84)

We put Emma’s mattress on the floor and having her use her crib mattress.


Brian was teasing me because I made them a little “if you forgot” got with extra things in case they forgot to pack anything. I’m pretty sure Brian said, “We are not a hotel”

We might not be a hotel but I’m so darn excited about having them over!

We are doing more traveling and seeing friends tomorrow! Emma and I are leaving the boys to have some boy time and we are going to see the girls! One of my great friends is having a baby shower and we are so excited about giving her some handmade goodies!

Once her shower is over I’ll show you all the goodies I made for her!! ❤

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