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Mini Meal: Egg Salad Sandwiches

30 Jul

Hey everyone! It’s my first Mini Meal post!! HIP HIP HOORAY! I plan to have many of these throughout my blog to hopefully compile a great list of ideas for everyone.

If you don’t remember or didn’t see the post that started Mini Meals please refer here: Mini Meals

For those of you who don’t feel like clicking the link I’ll give a brief description!

Mini meals came about when I was trying to find new things to make for Emma to see if she would eat/like them but I didn’t feel like making an entire meals worth! Especially if she didn’t like it (or I don’t like it either!!) so I decided I’d figure out how to make meals for one person (or just my mini me).

Today I am making Egg Salad Sandwiches for my little one!

006Since I’d be eating this one too I put in three eggs. If I had been making this for just Emma I would have only done one.

Fill a pot with water and add the egg(s) and let it come to a boil. Once it starts boiling set the timer for 12-15 minutes. While you are waiting for it to boil you can get the rest of it ready!:


Pull out vinegar, mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper and a little bowl for mixing it in.

009When it comes to egg salad it’s all about preference but I’ll go ahead and let you know I like mine a little sloppy (extra mixture) rather then clumpy (more egg than mixture). SO! For three eggs I put in a half a cap of vinegar, four-five squirts of mayo, three-four squirts of mustard, and a good shake of salt and pepper. Mix Mix Mix!


I like using toast and I like it to be a little toasted since my egg salad is sloppy πŸ™‚ but for Emma I put her’s on a sandwich bun. It’s easier for her to hold and eat and I buy the little mini ones (like for sliders) and she LOVES them! I also like lettuce on mine (Emma does not!).


After the eggs are done boiling – pour it out into a strainer and run the eggs under cold water (because they will be hot HoT HOT!).

012Crack the edges and peel off the shell (for me this is the fun part! Don’t ask me why – I just like it)

013If you don’t have a smancy fancy dicer like min just use a nice to cut it into slices then squares πŸ™‚


Mix it up and up and dish it on your toast!

015We didn’t have my mini slider bun rolls today but she did just fine (after pulling out all the lettuce – it was worth a shot πŸ˜‰ haha) and it was a success! My child will eat egg salad sandwiches and I didn’t have to make a bunch and throw it away!!

I will say now that we’ve tried this – it has become a staple in this house! We eat it about once a week or every other week for lunch in this house and instead of making a bunch I just make one serving each time!

**For those of you who are packing lunches and taking them to work – you can make this meal the night before or the morning of and take it to work with you – just pop in the fridge and you can even eat it cold!**


Furniture Makeover: Corner Cabinet

28 Jul

Hey everyone! I am so excited to finally share the corner cabinet makeover!!

002 beforeandafter

This cabinet has been a pass down in my family and I loved where it fit my home but it stood out like a sore thumb! Sure the bright white looks clean (minus the amount of stuff is in it) and it doesn’t look bad but I wanted it to blend a little more. Our kitchen and hallway area is two toned. A Dark tan and a light tan so I wanted to use both of those aspects in this piece and I wanted it to be fun!

I took it outside to get it ready! A quick sand, wipe down, and removed the shelves to paint separately.

I painted the inside first (since it’s the most awkward) and let it drive so I could put the shelves in with ease.

Next step was painting the rest of it and letting this dry really good since I would be putting tape on top of it. If you don’t let it dry overnight you can risk the chance of the tape pulling up some of the fresh paint.

I taped off where I wanted to paint, and did another quick paint using the same color (this keeps the colors from bleeding through the tape so you can get a great straight line!

Once that was dry I went over it with the lighter tan and peeled the tape off while it was still wet.

The lines turned out GREAT! I was really happy with the finished look – especially the top!

Let it dry again and then you are good to go!

Now it’s time to fill it with goodies and keep it nice and organized this time πŸ˜‰

What do you think? If you didn’t get a chance to see the Furniture Makeover Giveaway Post that inspired this project – head on over to comment for a chance to win the book!

Emma Talks

25 Jul

My little Emma is saying the silliest things these days and I had to share:


Daddy: (playing video games and yelling at the TV)

Emma: (covering her ears with her hands) Daddy is SO GRUMPY! He just doesn’t like anything he plays on TV


Playing with her leapfrog computer –

Emma: Β Mommy, I’m just doing some work on my computer (cumpooter) just like mommy.

Me: Oh! Are you blogging or writing emails?

Emma: Uh huh.


Emma petting Lexi (our cat) and squeezing the life out of her –

Emma: Β Oh I just love you so so muck you pretty kitty!

Lexi: (I imagine she is saying – get off me woman!)


Just got back from visiting her cousin Bradley –

Emma: Β I got to see Bradley and he smiled so I got to play with him because he was happy and we played together.

I think she was a tad excited there! Love the run on repetitive sentence!


Emma is looking at my closet while I’m picking out clothes to wear:

Emma: That’s Papa’s work. Papa builds somethings.

Me: Yes he does.

Emma: He uses tools and builds SO MANY THINGS!

Me: That’s right.

Emma: He likes to fix my toys just like Daddy.


Furniture Makeover Book Review, Project, & Giveaway!

24 Jul

If you haven’t heard of the new book Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair. You are missing out!! This is a great resource for DIY tips and techniques on restoring, updating, painting, and fixing furniture!

Here’s Barnes & Nobles Overview:

Furniture MakeoversΒ shows how to transform tired furniture into stunning showpieces. You’ll never look at a hand-me-down dresser the same way again! The book offers 26 easy-to-follow techniques that can be applied to all different types of pieces, from bookshelves to desks: painting, applying gold leaf, wallpapering, distressing, dip dyeing, and more. In addition to the core techniques, author and Knack Studios founder Barb Blair shares 30 beautiful before-and-after makeovers from her studio and outlines how to achieve each look. With helpful step-by-step photographs, a visual glossary explaining all the tools and materials needed, and a lovely contemporary aesthetic,Β Furniture MakeoversΒ is a treasure trove of ideas and instruction for the home decorator.


I don’t know about you but I LOVE before and after pictures, especially ones with tips on how they did the makeover, and a story behind the piece. This book is not lacking this at all! Barb goes into great detail about how she made these pieces new that are easy to follow and wonderfully informative. My favorite part of each of these projects? She has a materials list! You’ll know exactly what you need before you even start the project!

Thanks to this book giving me some serious inspiration, I decided to do a makeover pieces myself!
We’ve had this corner cabinet in our family longer than I can remember and it’s been passed down to me! I love the idea and the functionality of it but in it’s current location – it sticks out like a sore thumb!


I’ll be posting the makeover results of this beauty on Sunday! I hope you are ready to be WOW’d! While you are waiting – check out this Awesome Giveaway provided by Chronicle Books &

Furniture Makeovers

Live What You Love tote

Today I’m doing a giveaway for a SIGNED copy of Furniture Makeover’s and a fun Knack Tote! One lucky winner will be receiving these goodies in the mail in no time! Want a chance at being a winner? Comment below letting us know what piece of furniture of your own that you’d love to update along with an email address to reach you at!

Don’t feel like waiting? Purchase a book here:Β Β Amazon,Β Barnes & Noble,Β IndieBound, orΒ Chronicle Books

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Emma’s 4th Birthday

23 Jul










New Mulch!

21 Jul

I don’t know if you remember my “I NEED HELP” front yard πŸ˜‰ but it’s slowly getting updated – piece by piece!!



This was prior to doing anything – it needed weeding, cutting back, .. help.



That was the last update you saw. Bricks all pulled out, weeds out, bushes cute back! Well I did a little more work!


That’s right! We said goodbye red mulch and brought in some brown πŸ˜‰


I even had a little helper I cut a bag in half for her and gave her a bucket and shovel and she went to town!



If there is one thing this little girl loves to do – it’s whatever mommy is doing! Β πŸ˜‰ Besides she did a pretty darn good job!



It took a while to finish and it was pretty hot outside so we took plenty of water breaks!



And for a little girl who doesn’t like to get her hands dirty – she was definitely a mess!!!



But I think it was a nice pay off! Next step?



I bought paint for the red bricks that were their before. They are going to be a nice gray color when I’m done with them!

Then I should be done .. I wonder if Brian would let me paint the front door? πŸ˜‰ haha!




YochiShoes Review!

18 Jul

I don’t know if you remember these cute suckers from my In My Mailbox post but here they are!! We got these in the mail last weekend and took them for a spin and by spin I mean A RUN! As soon as Emma put these on her feet, I couldn’t keep her still!

071313 028

If you aren’t familiar with YochiShoes then let me explain them to you! YochiShoes makes adorable shoes and socks. The little socks are perfect for newborns with little bells on them as a way to entertain the babies as well as promote activity! These shoes have little squeakers in them for the same reason! If you have a crawler about to walk these shoes are going to entertain your child to no end!

071313 027

My husband likes to disagree with me here and say they are obnoxious but he’s the no noise kind of guy. He likes his peace and quiet – so if you can handle the noise then you are ready to go – well your little one is at least πŸ˜‰

071313 029

Since Brian can’t stand the squeaks, Emma and I decided we could wear them while he’s at work. I’ve also decided that these would be the perfect way to get a little exercise time in our daily routine! I love to Wii Fit but Emma can’t stand that I’m having “so much fun” without her.

071313 030

This week I decided she’d put on her Miss Mushi Lady Bug shoes while I Wii Fit each day and let her exercise with me! It was a HUGE hit! We both got our workout done and Daddy doesn’t have to hear a sound πŸ˜‰

For a preview of what the sound looks like – here is a youtube video of Emma playing Wii Fit. You might want to start with your volume down low πŸ˜‰Β

For those that don’t want to see the video here’s a picture:



** Warning! My sister watched this video from home and her dog went nuts! If you have a dog who loves squeak toys – your dog might go nuts trying to figure out where it’s coming from! Luckily I have a cat could care less and walks away.**

Haha! I love it. These shoes have been by far the most entertaining for both Emma and I!

Provided by YochiShoes

The Countdown Begins!

16 Jul

Emma’s birthday is just around the corner and this weekend we made her a paper chain so she could see just how many days away it is!

071313 013

Ignore the goofy faces throughout if you can! Emma was in a weird goofy mood πŸ˜› So I pulled out paper, scissors, scrapbooking glue, and I didn’t really need anything else πŸ˜‰ The pen was to entertain Emma if she got bored.

071313 015

I folded it in half (hot dog way πŸ˜‰ haha)

071313 016

And again just to make the guided lines. These in no way shape or form need to be pretty since your child is just going to rip them up each day.
071313 017

After unfolding it I just cut each strip out to how many days I needed.

071313 018

I like to use multiple colors so it’s easy to see which is the next chain.

071313 020

Take the scrapbook glue and run it along one side folding it into a circle and pushing it so it sticks.

071313 021

Slide the next piece in the ring and repat until you’ve used all your pieces!

071313 022

Emma was excited as I explained it to her. We counted how many rings and jumped up and down at the excitement that it’s not too far away!!

071313 024

Each morning we are going to wake up and rip off one more!

Do you remember doing this when you were a kid? I am pretty sure I made a million of these chains for all different occasions!



In My Mailbox!

14 Jul

I had so much goodies in my mailbox I had to share!

071313 026

Two books for me!

071313 028

Ladybug shoes for Emma!!

Stay tuned for more info this week πŸ˜€

My Little Super Hero

9 Jul

Emma beans has been watching a super hero show called Word Girl and has completely fallen in love πŸ™‚ After “flying” around the room and singing that she was a super hero I decided to ask her if she wanted some super girl hero swag. She looked at me like I was nuts! Then I said, “Emma would you like me to make you a super hero cape?” Her response?

001Giddy excitement πŸ™‚ After looking at a few YouTube tutorials – I knew this was going to be a piece of cake!

004I measured my little girl, made a template with the sizes on it and got my materials out and ready!

005First step was to draw out the template on the material. Since this is just play clothes I wasn’t exact in my measuring or drawing.

007Before I cut out the second piece I made sure this was going to fit!\


009After I cut out the second piece I ran it under the iron real quick (remember it doesn’t need to be perfect! It’s play clothes!)

010Next I took a piece of felt (since it doesn’t fray) and used a bowl to cut a circle.

011I hopped on the computer and printed out a letter e. I chose a lowercase because I thought it would look better with the curves of the circle! (Plus it’s easier to place in the middle!)

012I put my black felt under the letter e, pinned it, and cut it out. I removed the paper e and then hand stitched the felt e onto the circle. It might be easier to use the sewing machine instead of hand stitch but I was too lazy to change out the bobbin πŸ˜‰

013Next I put the circle in the middle of the cape and did a quick sew line around the circle. Not perfect at all but again it’s play clothes!

014I put the two pieces back to back and did a quick sew all along the edges leaving a small part at the bottom to flip it inside out. Ran it under the iron real quick, and did a fun stitch at the bottom to seal that end in.

015Most people would sew all the way around for a finished look but this is supposed to be a quick easy project so just finishing of the end was good enough for me!

016Next I put snaps on the ends to keep the cape on. Obviously I butchered the first snap so I did a second πŸ˜‰


I like the thick straps in front with the snap – something about string just drives me crazy!

018And Tada! We have a little super hero in our house! Emma is crazy in love with her cape πŸ™‚ Her one disappoint was that she thought once she had a cape – she’d be able to fly!! Poor thing was a little flustered but she wouldn’t take it off all day!


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