YochiShoes Review!

18 Jul

I don’t know if you remember these cute suckers from my In My Mailbox post but here they are!! We got these in the mail last weekend and took them for a spin and by spin I mean A RUN! As soon as Emma put these on her feet, I couldn’t keep her still!

071313 028

If you aren’t familiar with YochiShoes then let me explain them to you! YochiShoes makes adorable shoes and socks. The little socks are perfect for newborns with little bells on them as a way to entertain the babies as well as promote activity! These shoes have little squeakers in them for the same reason! If you have a crawler about to walk these shoes are going to entertain your child to no end!

071313 027

My husband likes to disagree with me here and say they are obnoxious but he’s the no noise kind of guy. He likes his peace and quiet – so if you can handle the noise then you are ready to go – well your little one is at least πŸ˜‰

071313 029

Since Brian can’t stand the squeaks, Emma and I decided we could wear them while he’s at work. I’ve also decided that these would be the perfect way to get a little exercise time in our daily routine! I love to Wii Fit but Emma can’t stand that I’m having “so much fun” without her.

071313 030

This week I decided she’d put on her Miss Mushi Lady Bug shoes while I Wii Fit each day and let her exercise with me! It was a HUGE hit! We both got our workout done and Daddy doesn’t have to hear a sound πŸ˜‰

For a preview of what the sound looks like – here is a youtube video of Emma playing Wii Fit. You might want to start with your volume down low πŸ˜‰Β http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMBtvwGJArQ

For those that don’t want to see the video here’s a picture:



** Warning! My sister watched this video from home and her dog went nuts! If you have a dog who loves squeak toys – your dog might go nuts trying to figure out where it’s coming from! Luckily I have a cat could care less and walks away.**

Haha! I love it. These shoes have been by far the most entertaining for both Emma and I!

Provided by YochiShoes


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