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Mini Meal – Salad w/ Grilled Chicken

22 Aug

Hey everyone! Mini Meal #2 coming at ya!! Salads are a GREAT way to have an easy to meal to take and it’s fairly easy on the budget to purchase too!

Grocery stores are great when it comes to pre-packaged salads. Buy the smallest bag you can find and grab a small bag of shredded cheese and whatever extra toppings you might want. Grab a pack of chicken tenderloins while you are at. Freeze them in separate bags (to how much you eat each meal). This one I think I used one skinny tenderloin and it was perfect.


Dice up your chicken into bite size pieces (because who wants to have to cut chicken again when you are trying to eat? NOT ME! I’m lazy.. haha) Throw some butter or oil in a pan and sprinkle it with pepper or whatever seasonings you love.



Throw it on top of your lettuce mixture and add your extra toppings. For this I used mozzarella cheese and olive garden dressing. I’m obsessed with olive garden dressing!!!

Need to pack it for work or school? Pack the dressing separately and add it during lunch!


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