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Weekend Round Up

27 Aug

It never gets old seeing Emma enjoy her weekends 🙂


Brian set up his old video game system on Emma’s little TV and he was teaching her how to play some of the games 🙂 It’s amazing how fast she picks on things!


They took turns playing Zelda and Mario! I have a feeling Emma is going to grow up in Daddy’s footsteps and have a love for technology! She is already crazy in love with the iPad!


After some indoor fun we needed some outdoor fun! Emma had a great time making “gingerbread” men out on the sidewalk with the neighborhood kids!


We had used Emma’s body as a template and she screamed, “Look Mommy! That’s me!!”


Our little sports girl, I have no idea which one she will stick to but she loves baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, and football. We’ll see which one ends up being her favorite! Mommy was a softball player and Daddy played golf and tennis so she may surprise us both!



Such a happy girl! I love that she enjoys so much at this age. It’s really fun to try new things with her (minus food 😉 haha!) Speaking of food she got really lucky this weekend and went out with Papa and Ope one night and Nana and DoDo the next!!

photo (99)

Emma loves this place because there is so much to see and Papa loves it because it’s good southern cooking!

photo (98)


It’s one of the few mom and pop places around. We are looking forward to finding some more!

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