Really Jenn… Already?!

19 Sep

I can’t believe I’m doing this already. It’s been day two of cold weather and I’m already seeing myself fall into the habits I had last winter πŸ™‚ Was it me who just said I loved fall weather in the last post? I must be crazy because I might love the weather, the sweatshirts, the hot chocolate, and the blankets, but there is a slight malfunction with my love fall weather that I hadn’t noticed before.

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I’m glued to this couch.. problem – HUGE PROBLEM! In my joyful post about all the things I love about cold weather I seemed to have left out all the things that I don’t particularly like about cold weather. So here’s a make up post for things I don’t want to happen this year with cold weather!!!

My mood for the day directly resides in the fact that I accomplish something that I am proud of. That is not an easy task to do while glued to the couch πŸ˜› I’m starting to find myself getting what’s absolutely necessary done in the morning, getting hot chocolate, and hopping on the couch in my cozy little blanket.


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Good news is that 99% of my work is on the computer which happily heats up my little legs. Bad news is laundry, dishwasher, cleaning, cooking, and even simple tasks like going to the bathroom seem terribly awful! Why oh why would I want to move from this amazing place I’ve created? Oh that’s right – because I have a child to take care of πŸ˜›

Γ‰vier Γ  droite bien pratique (bouchon d'adoucisseur, etc.)

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I’m starting to believe this weather is more of a love/hate relationship so instead of falling back into these old habits I am going to write down all the things I WILL get done each day whether I like it or not – and a few solutions to why I don’t like cold weather:

I’m going to take a steaming hot shower every morning, dry my hair, straighten my hair, and look presentable as many days of the week as I possibly can – because when it’s cold outside I refuse to get out of bed and then I look like a mess (I was going to say hot mess but there’s nothing hot about it nor is it hot outside).

subtle brunette highlights

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I’m not going to let my pretty little bottom sit on the couch until I have accomplished all chores for that day. That way I have accomplished something and won’t feel like such a slob around here.

I’m going to do as much computer work as I can at night (when I enjoy writing the most anyways) so I can do all the above things in the morning without feeling like I’m running behind on my work!

Will not mind to work late in this beautiful  setting

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I’m going to make sure I am making something warm to eat each day. Whether it’s baking or crock potting or something else. I absolutely love that baking in the oven heats up the house and eating warm food always warms me up! I am going to heat up this place and make sure that I haven’t given up on cooking all together!

fresh baked pie

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To wear off all this cooking I’m also going to make sure that I spend a minimum amount of time organizing or cleaning some part of this house each day. Preferably things that make me go up and down the stairs to exercise off all that home cooked food πŸ˜‰

Last but not least – I am going to actually invest some money in some amazing cold weather clothes so that when I do go out of the house to drop/pick Emma up I am warm, comfortable, and look presentable. Those things never happen in my frumpy sweatshirts.. which don’t even keep me that warm anyways!

Burgundy Winter Outfit !

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Here’s to kicking old habits goodbye before they get into my routine and mess up my awesome plans for life!


4 Responses to “Really Jenn… Already?!”

  1. apartmentwife September 19, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    very insightful post πŸ™‚ i get so excited about pumpkin pie everything and cozy sweaters that i almost forget i’m going to be way too cold to go outside for a while — and likely end up having movie marathons way more than i should. definitely going to make a to-do list for the season πŸ™‚

    • underestimatedmom September 20, 2013 at 9:01 am #

      Mmmmm pumpkin sounds delicious! Oh we go on Netflix spree so I know exactly what you mean! We watch entire seasons of shows back to back! Hopefully making a list will help!

  2. ahofri35 September 25, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    Love this post! I find I have the same issues in fall and have to force myself to meet certain deadlines and keep away from the bed until 7 p.m.! Just remember how cute fall and winter clothes are, I feel on top of the world in a good jacket, jeans, boot and scarf!

  3. Jessica Christian September 26, 2013 at 8:30 am #

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your post πŸ˜‰ .. Fall sure brings alot of pros and cons with it :p .. But we really should cherish things in life because once gone they don’t return :p …
    PS I loved the part where you mentioned about eating something warm each day! Mmmm, well thats a winter ritual I must say
    Jessica x

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