Living With What You Have

15 Jun

In this world we seem to always want more, always want the newest things, the best things, to have to make us happier and I am not any different in that way. I would like to change that and even though I know it will be almost impossible to do that completely, I’d like to try to change that part of my life in certain areas.


My mom read a blog post by another reader near the beginning of the year where she picks a word for the year and tries to embrace that word. When she told me about this, I thought it was a wonderful idea and left it at that. She reminded me of it not too long ago reminding me that her word was Content and that she just wanted to be content with her life and be happy with where it was and where it was going. I can’t agree more.

I want to be happy with the life I am living NOW. I’d like to stop searching for that next best thing and the newest idea to make my life better. I have an amazing family, an amazing home, and a wonderful life.

enjoy life

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If you saw my post on facebook last week you’ll notice that I’m on a 30 day challenge to not spend any extra money than necessary and this is one of my attempts to get started on that process. I’d like to just be happy with what I do have, and what better way to do that than not bring in anything new? I’ll post more about this later this week.

There’s so much we can be doing with our lives to enjoy living in the moment with what we have – Let’s all try to be a little more content.


P.S. Thank you mom for always reminding me of what’s important in my life. #30makeitwork


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