How I Ship My Orders

17 Jun

Hooray for an Etsy Sale! I love getting orders on my Daydreaming Gifts website. Today I thought I’d share with you how I package my items to be shipped out. It’s nothing too special but it’s super fun for me!


This lucky order was one of my favorite scarves! I got this yarn at Hobby Lobby and it is so silky smooth I will be running back to get more! It comes already variegated so it’s easy to work with – my mom was the one that made this one! I get out all my supplies to ship everything. The item, a box or padded envelope, tissue paper, my card, a thank you circle, and some of the stickers my sister bought me!


I fold up the tissue paper and put it on the box making sure to leave a little hole for the item itself.


In goes the order and the tissue paper then gets folder with the paper.


I have a bit of a sticker obsession so I use the sticker to keep the tissue paper down and make it “gift” like as possible!


Next goes in my card and the thank you circle (these are just decorative paper cut out with a 1 inch paper cutter. I love using these because they are easy to store, big enough for what I want to write on it, and it adds another color to this crazy mix of colors 😉



I tape it up and add another sticker on the box for good measure 😉 then the label and it’s ready to go! Because I use USPS priority shipping (which costs more) they come pick it up on my doorstep which means the world to me since I’m not always able to run out and I am not going to be more so when Payton comes! The other thing that makes the price worth it to me is the fact that I get insurance on my packages and it’s 2 day delivery so I know my customers are going to get what they ordered quickly!

You can also use free USPS priority boxes and they will deliver those to your doorstep free as well but I have a bunch of leftover boxes and like to reuse boxes as much as possible. It cuts back on other shipping expenses.



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