Outdoor Fun!

29 Jun

It’s been such nice weather these past few days but with my workload on high I’ve had a hard time getting outside to play with Emma. Luckily we got some extra time and Lexi decided to join in on the fun!

photo 2

My little guard cat was keeping a watchful eye on Emma while she was making her masterpieces!

photo 1

She also got a little lounge time as well 😉 We also got some time to play in the pool. Chalk and water a GREAT ways for some free entertainment. We already had the chalk this go round but I plan on attempting to make our own chalk at some point! #30makeitwork

photo 1

This girl loves her pool time, but she also loves her lounging time! As you can see she spent the entire time “watering” the deck since it’s soaked 😉

photo 2

She told me her picnic table was too dirty and needed a wash so I pulled out some soap and a sponge and let her have a hay day with that!

photo 3

So proud of my little helper! Also proud of us for enjoying the things we already had instead of buying something new. Who says you can’t have fun with things you already have?


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