Prepping Payton’s Room!

1 Jul

It’s officially Six Weeks until Payton is due for her arrival and the preparation for the nursery has begun!

photo 4

We are going through all of the old things we saved from Emma and sorting through the keepers 🙂 I am so glad we kept everything.

photo 5

And since she is going to have a life long amount of hand me downs we plan on purchasing her a few new items that are strictly just hers!

photo 3

I’m pretty impressed with our lack of planning and the fact that they will be less than a month apart in clothing size! Not only are they going to be the same season but if they are similar in size, all the clothes will be perfect!

photo 2

Her drawers are now filled with necessities and I feel like if she came at any point we are set. We did get one major gift from the parents and in laws that is due for arrival this week! There is going to be a glider rocker chair in this corner.

photo 1

Sorry it’s kind of a dark picture! I’m so excited to get this chair in, I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of memorable moments there 🙂


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