Surrounded by Inspiration!

3 Jul

With being so busy lately I haven’t had much time in the craft room and wanted to be in there more during my #30makeitwork challenge. Since I’d be out shopping less – I figured I’d have more time to be in there! Since this room is already pretty much organized everything is easy to find now. It’s making my crafty attempts a little more luxurious since I’m not wasting so much precious time finding every little thing I need!


I’ve decided to share so of my organizing ideas and decisions with ya’ll so you can get a feel for how I work in my space as well some inspiration that I’ll be using to organize myself MORE! I’ll also have some tutorials coming up since I’ve been a bit busy making things happen around here 🙂 why not share the love?

photo 1 (1)

But what I really wanted to share with you today is where I’ve been getting my inspiration these days. You might not be surprised because it’s Pinterest, YouTube, and Life Events that are encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and have a little more fun!

Iviebaby - contemporary changing table

It seems like each day I’m taking a peak at Pinterest to see if there’s anything new I can find that gets my brain going but I’ve noticed more often than not these days, I’ve been looking at the Pin’s I have already Pinned! I can’t believe how many things I forgot I pinned that I find myself falling in love with all over again.

Crochet Storage

I’ve also been spending a little time on YouTube and perfecting my subscriptions to get me inspired. HGTV Handmade has seriously made that easier on me since I love all of their featured channels. My latest obsession has been iheartstitching. If you haven’t seen her, you are missing out!

iheartstitching...lots of good how to videos

And last but not least my favorite blogs which you can find below on the right hand side in my blogroll. I Heart Organizing and Life As A Thrifter I can’t get enough of! It’s so inspiring to see others be so successful in what they love to do.

So I am hoping there will be a lot to look forward to and with all this crafting there will definitely be more and more added onto my Etsy shop as it comes! I hope you are feeling as inspired as I am! #30makeitwork


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