A Five Year Old Family Tradition

23 Jul

This weekend my little girl had her birthday party, and this weekend my Dad and Mom blew me out of the water with a family tradition that I love 😀

Each child since my Dad’s family has had a five car train cake made for them on their fifth birthday. My dad did an amazing job for my sister and I and wanted to keep the tradition going so he offered to make one for Emma (and Payton when her time comes). She was so excited and seriously impressed with her Papa and Ope and so were we!


And because my Mom & Dad are awesome and knows I love to show how I do things, he took pictures along the way to share with all you readers. So a big thank you to my wonderful parents for offering up this awesome blog post to my amazing readers!


He started out with nutter butter bars for the track, icing, and licorice sticks for the tracks. Added some more nutter butter bars and oreos for the bottom of the train cakes.


Once we finished he added edible glitter to the icing to make it look rocky like most train tracks are! During this process my mom was baking away little bread pans of cake in different heights for all the layers of the cars. She also made an impressive SEVEN sets of cream cheese frosting for those things! (She knows I am not a regular frosting person and I am a very big cream cheese frosting person 😉 haha)


Once the cakes and icing was ready my dad went to work carving out each train section how he wanted it (what a cute red caboose!) and went to town icing it.


Major props to my parents for staying up most of the night to get this train cake done for Emma! It turned out AMAZING, was delicious, and Emma will remember this for the rest of her life!

photo (1)


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