First grade, first problems

7 Sep

This year has not been the best for Emma and it has only been the first few weeks. I’ve been hearing a lot of different things and been taking a lot of time trying to find the right stepping stones for her.


One of the things I’ve been hearing is that the jump from Kindergarten to First grade is a huge jump. For example, Kindergarten is focused on more social education and learning the daily routine of school in general. There’s definitely learning in the focus of reading and writing but the kids view it as fun and playing.

What I’ve heard is that First Grade is a major shift. Social is put to the side and doing work is the new number one. Emma constantly comes home complaining that they never get to play and there’s so much work and she is constantly getting in trouble.

I’m not saying that her complaining is 100% correct but I do worry that schools are not finding a happy balance of work and play.

We are constantly hearing in the news that we need to find a happy balance in our lives, that over working can cause a lot of mental and physical problems. That we need to shift our focus from being successful to living our lives and being content with what we have. 

We came out of school knowing how to pass a test, work hard, and follow instructions. What happened to just life in general skills?

If we as adults are noticing that we are being burnt out, over worked, and stressed – why are we starting our children out on the same bad foot? 

Can we find a happy balance for our children in the school system? 

I want to know what you think about it! Leave a comment below. 


2 Responses to “First grade, first problems”

  1. mpmckibbon September 11, 2015 at 1:31 am #

    I think that in the younger grades (1-3) play is something that needs to be incorporated into all the lessons. When learning is fun, children enjoy the challenge. Of course, I loved teaching the primary grades.

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