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A Tisket A Tasket

18 Mar

Two girls made a basket! My neighbor has joined in the basket making fun with me and we are addicted! Not only that, but we are getting a lot of interest so we decided we’d open up a shop and see how it goes. There isn’t anything posted yet but who knows where this could lead!


I’m up for an adventure!

Coming Soon


Feeling Like A Proud Mama!

4 Jan

Emma has been begging me to do more crafts with her and while we have been scoping out YouTube for some great tutorials and finding some great ideas that are totally age appropriate, I have been eyeing other options.

Yes I did! I signed up Emma to Kiwi Crate to receive a monthly box with a craft inside! We will be posting our boxes, our crafts, and our ratings on all the fun! I AM SO EXCITED!

Have you done a Kiwi Crate before? I’d love to hear about. Leave a comment below!

Week One of January 2016

2 Jan

Every year we make new goals and aspirations. Every year we are determined to make it the best year yet! Every year we challenge ourselves to create the life we have always wanted to live.

This year I am hoping for some change for my whole family. I intend to keep moving forward to a better life for my family because they are pretty darn cool and let’s be honest, I NEED TO GET MOVING!

This week is the start of where I am sharing my adventures in improving my family’s lives. To get me pumped up and excited here are a few things I have been listening to / doing / reading / etc:

Pandora Station: Today’s Adult Hits

It’s a fun mix of some of the most popular music that makes you want to get up and dance! Why it’s labeled adult hits? I have no idea because I sure has heck don’t feel like an adult πŸ˜‰ most days that is. What motivated me to click the station? Meghan Trainor was on the front cover.

Podcasts: Raise Your Hand and Say Yes

You have good taste. Trust it.

Specifically Tara Swiger on Enthusiasm which was all about having confidence and moving forward even if it doesn’t immediately feel successful. It encourages learning by trial and error which I love, and gave me a positive outlook on where I want to move forward.

Essential Oils: Diffusing Oils

I am waking up to an amazing diffuser every morning that is putting the sweet citrus scent of CheerΒ into my life. It’s just the pick me up I need in the cold weather when I wish I was on a hot beach soaking up the rays. It’s also giving me that extra boost I need to push through the have-to do list to and move on to the can’t-wait-to-do-this!!!! list.

What I’m Doing: Keeping Track of it all!

2016 daily goal tracker at

This one came from the lovely podcast above, but it’s a checklist I love. Why? Maybe because it has bubble numbers that I can fill in which is kind of weird since those dreaded bubble tests haunt me from high school! Coloring something in? COUNT ME IN! But in all seriousness, I’m also keeping a list on the back of it with what I did to make me see how cool I really end up being this year πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ I hope..

So what exactly do I mean but moving forward this year? I want more craft time with Emma, I want more house projects with my hubby, I want to take more pictures of the girls, I want to share all these moments so I don’t forget them. I want to each day, feel like I am taking a step forward for a better life for them.

Wanna move with me? Join me on facebook to see more!

Moments I Don’t Want to Forget

10 Dec

These girls have been amazing to watch as they grow up. It’s so much fun to watch them when they have no idea I am even there. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and just enjoy watching their life go by!


So much as changed for Emma. First grade did not start out. She lost a little spark in her eye for school and I could see her excitement and joy for it dwindling. We worked really hard to encourage her to make the best of what she could.


Although it’s been a struggle, I think she’s starting to adjust to it. She really is a brilliant little girl, her grades are coming back with all A’s, and she’s learning things I never expected her to know at this age. I just want her to keep that spark in her eyes and joy for learning alive.


Payton is growing like a weed! This girl can eat me out of house and home! She loves to “nack” (snack) all day long and is at the point in her life where she get’s seriously ecstatic when you understand what she is trying to say!


She is our little explorer. If she doesn’t have something in her hand or getting into something, I am shocked! She is a busy little one and I could sit and watch her explore for hours at a time.


The two of these girls have a special bond. Emma loves to make her giggle, tickle her, and take care of all her needs. Payton likes to steal all of Emma’s things, clean up after her (while Emma is still playing with whatever it is), and feed her snacks because she has to be hungry according to Payton!

I know their relationship will grow together and apart throughout their life, but I’ll enjoy this togetherness while I can πŸ˜‰

We Come and We Go

6 Dec

As I was sitting down yesterday after an eventful exciting day with the girls, I realized I was so tired of putting off the things I love the most. I haven’t been crafting as much as used to, I haven’t been writing here as much as I’d love to, I haven’t taken care of myself because I am so busy taking care of everything else! It seems like I’ve been slowly realizing this as I’ve started putting me back in the front seat.


Recently I’ve pulled back out my yarn and hook and starting making things for myself instead of my etsy page. I had worked so hard on my etsy shop making things I thought people would want to buy that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I took some time to think about what I wanted to make for me or my family and the ideas started rolling in!


How many scarves and hats have I made and Emma didn’t even have a set of her own? She had outgrown all of hers and although Payton has been loving the previous one’s Emma passed down, it was about time Emma has a set of her own! I let her pick out some of the yarn I already had in stock and I couldn’t be more proud of my hard work!


Since we moved into this house we haven’t had a wreath on our door. I know it seems ridiculous to be upset about that, but that was one of the things I was looking forward to when we owned our own home. Three years and I hadn’t made one wreath for our own home!!


Now I am happy wreath on my door home owner! Granted it’s only one, but I do have a few more ideas in mind. I am so proud of the fact that I didn’t attempt to buy sixteen of these, stock up on premade ones, and buy shipping boxes with the intention of selling them, because honestly I don’t want to!


What I plan on making is a happy home! I hope you all will join in me in my process of finding what’s important for me and my family and enjoy us as we come and go. I might not be consistent on this blog, but I will be here when I can.

First grade, first problems

7 Sep

This year has not been the best for Emma and it has only been the first few weeks. I’ve been hearing a lot of different things and been taking a lot of time trying to find the right stepping stones for her.


One of the things I’ve been hearing is that the jump from Kindergarten to First grade is a huge jump. For example, Kindergarten is focused on more social education and learning the daily routine of school in general. There’s definitely learning in the focus of reading and writing but the kids view it as fun and playing.

What I’ve heard is that First Grade is a major shift. Social is put to the side and doing work is the new number one. Emma constantly comes home complaining that they never get to play and there’s so much work and she is constantly getting in trouble.

I’m not saying that her complaining is 100% correct but I do worry that schools are not finding a happy balance of work and play.

We are constantly hearing in the news that we need to find a happy balance in our lives, that over working can cause a lot of mental and physical problems. That we need to shift our focus from being successful to living our lives and being content with what we have. 

We came out of school knowing how to pass a test, work hard, and follow instructions. What happened to just life in general skills?

If we as adults are noticing that we are being burnt out, over worked, and stressed – why are we starting our children out on the same bad foot? 

Can we find a happy balance for our children in the school system? 

I want to know what you think about it! Leave a comment below. 

Beach Bums!

3 Jul

This week we are being spoiled by my in-laws who let us tag along to the beach with them! 

We are soaking up every minute of it and excited to announce we haven’t seen or been bitten by any sharks πŸ˜‰ 

We’ve also been plotting how we could all move here!! 

After all, life is better at the beach πŸ˜‰ 

Welcome to the world Payton!

5 Aug


Someone decided to join us a little early! Born 08/04 at 8:04 pm weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce and 18 1/2 inches long.


She slept through almost the entire night and has been so quiet and calm!


Feeling do blessed right now!!

Embracing the Change

27 Jul

You would think that Payton coming into our lives would be a big enough change as it is πŸ˜‰ but of course I like to go around and change everything at once! I’ve decided to make the switch from to and have been building up the website behind the scenes now for a week or so. I’m excited to say that it might be ready and in use starting the beginning of August!


I am seriously impressed with how easy the process has been and how smooth it’s going. I’ve also been having a lot of fun with the designing part of this process. I am definitely not a designer by any means but I am definitely enjoying this new simple look I am going with! What do you think of the banner?

It’s Stock Time!

19 Jul

With Payton coming soon, Emma starting school right after, and fall just around the corner – I’m starting my stock prep a little earlier than usual!

photo 1 (2)

Usually I wait until September to start scrambling and getting things ready for my Etsy shop but seeing as how I am having a hard time being very active throughout the day and not sleeping well at night, I’ve started crocheting a bit early!

I also tend to wait until the weather cools down but that’s another new one for me this year! I don’t feel like waiting – I am ready to start now!

photo 2 (2)

My mom did a great job helping me out after the holiday rush last year, the cold weather drug out forever this past winter and she just kept crocheting away so I am happy to say I feel pretty stocked already in the usual sales.

Which brings me to the exciting part of this post! I have actually had time to attempt NEW projects! For example, coming to Daydreaming Gifts this year will be some fun new boot cuffs πŸ˜€

photo 3 (1)

I have been wanting to make these for a while but never got around to figuring it out and I finally did! I’ll also be making a few toddler sizes too, mainly because Emma asked for a pair but also because I think they’d be super cute!

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