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Crafts: Project 3 of 5

18 Jun

This project isn’t finished. And apparently it’s not going to be finished anytime soon. I’m almost to tears about it.

This is what the project is supposed to look like:

This is as far as I have gotten on it. And as far as I will go until I figure out what to do next..

This is what a punch needle is supposed to look like (minus the extra piece I have)

This is what my punch needle does when you put it through a hole. I paid $10 to use this thing twice and it’s already broken. I can’t glue the inside because the thread needs to come through. I can’t glue the outside unless I figure out a way to put a miniscule amount of glue and it actually hold the pressure of the needle going through the tiny hole and still be able to slide on the missing piece over top of it. Frustration has set in. disappointment is currently happening. Complete anger at paying ten dollars for a piece of crap is really not helping….

This has been my entire day. Seems like everything that I’ve been working on today has been a complete failure or at least come to a complete halt because I’m lacking something. The only thing that went well today was N’s graduation party. E went to sleep on the floor in a little room after me telling her, “Go to sleep”. That’s all it took and those little eyes were closed and she didn’t move minus a few squirms and knees tucked under so the butt stuck up in the air 😛

Thank goodness for that story because it’s the only thing calming me down right now. Haha now I feel ridiculous… I threw a miniature tantrum and yelled at B because he told me to calm down. He’s the one with the temper and I always fuss at him for overreacting when he is yelling at a video game or throwing a controller because he pushed the button and it didn’t do it’s job!!!! This time it was my turn..

Well Sorry for the lack of a project. I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish it in time anyways but I might have gotten halfway there. I guess it’s time to put down everything and just relax. I’m not willing to try something else and fail again right now. My self-esteem can’t handle it 😛

So that’s it for today, better luck tomorrow!

Love Always,


Wrapping it Up ;)

25 Nov

Aren’t those block letters you find at craft stores just addicting!? I also want to go in and buy initials or someones name (especially mine) to decorate just for fun! Well my Mom and Dad bought me E’s letters and I found this piece of wood lying around the house that wasn’t being used for anything and I got a brilliant idea! Wrapping paper so easy to use for decorating things like picture frames, wood letters, really anything!

What you need:

I originally used Elmer’s glue (wet) for this and it made the wrapping paper bubble up so I ripped it off and used the adhesive spray instead. It works SO MUCH BETTER!

A box to put whatever you spraying adhesive on into so you don’t get glue everywhere!

Wrapping paper of your choice


X-acto knife comes in handy here! (and a rubber mat if you are using a knife)

How to:

Cut the wrapping paper so that there are leftover edges along the letter.

Spray adhesive to the wooden letter.

Lay the wooden letter adhesive side down on top of the wrapping paper and place a heavy object on it to keep it firm and to push it down.

Let it dry for 3-5 minutes.

Take the heavy object off and use the scissors to cut along the letter but not too close that it’s hard to x-acto later.

Take the x-acto knife and with the wooden letter facing upside down so that the paper is on top of the mat, use the knife to drag across the edges of the wooden letter. Flip over and if there are any places that were too tight to get into or didn’t cut all the way carefully use the knife to edge across it and take off the extra paper. Tada!!! All done!

Of course I did the other letters of the name but you all know her as E so this is the finished product for you 😉

Have fun!!

Love Always,


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