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What Are You Doing!?

14 Dec

Today I am doing finishing touches to make sure I’m all prepped for my show tomorrow!

photo (27)


These are pieces of wood I spray painted with chalkboard paint to make price signs for the show. I love how bright they are and how they stand out. I also love that I don’t have to tag price EACH item I’ve made. I’ve tried many different ways to tag price my items and realized that all of them take WAY to long and I could have made more items for my show instead of wasting time tagging each and every single thing.


These are the kinds of tags I was trying to use. I had to write out each tag and use string to tie to each item. It was exhausting and frustrating. Another kind i used were sticky price tags which I hated. They either leave sticky messes on your items or they fall off and are nowhere to be found which result in a, “how much is this!?”

After going through all that I realized I didn’t mind people asking me how much things were. It actually seemed to be the conversation starter and gave me a chance to explain the process of making my items and that I do custom orders as well. After that I tried to come up with a different way to price my items – which resulted in the chalkboard paint boards. Now my prices are easy to be seen but if someone really wanted to talk to me or ask me my prices I was ready and available πŸ™‚

What are you working on today? Leave a comment and let me know or share a link to show me what you are doing!


Love Always,


Personalized Wine Bottles

10 Oct

For those of you who follow my blog – you might remember me making personalized wine bottles for my sister for her wedding centerpieces. Now that the wedding is over and we have tons of wine bottles sitting around the house – I decided to have a little fun with it and see what else I could come up with! I have a few ideas so you’ll be seeing more posts as I finish them.


I took one of the wine bottles with the vinyl J on it, a box, and a can of spray paint and got to work!

I covered the wine bottle in white spray paint (and painted some grass too – oh well!) and let it dry for four hours.

Here’s an up close and personal so you can see the vinyl J better.

Once it was dry enough to touch I laid it in my lap and peeled the vinyl off. I wasn’t sure how well this would work. I was imagining the paint bleeding and the vinyl taking off chunks of paint but it came of really smooth and easy!

Then I put it up for display – of course right now the sun is beaming in and ruining the view!

I’m so happy with how easy, inexpensive, and fun this project was! I’m imagining all the different designs, styles, and colors I could do. Looks like I’ll be playing around with this project next weekend πŸ™‚

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!

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I Love Lamp: Someone’s Trash becomes My Treasure!

15 Jan

Thanks to an amazing neighbor I got these amazing lamps! So far I’ve only done two but there’s six total. But if it wasn’t for my dad I would be at a complete loss because taking these things apart and putting them back together are a puzzle! The first thing to know about disassembling a lamp is take the lamp shade off, bulb out, and then start from the bottom and work your way up. Also take it apart in order so you remember how to put it back together πŸ˜‰ After it’s all apart make sure you take over all the threading (the holes with the ridges that you put a screw into) and also tape over anything you do not want painted.

The beginning lamp!

All the pieces taken apart (both lamps).

The tools you’ll need. The little driver you will use to undo the wiring to the top pieces of the lamp. There should be a little square or rectangular opening in the bottom of the square pieces you put the light bulb in. If you press down lightly with the driver it will pop the wires loose so you can pull it out. If they don’t release (some old lamps are finicky) you’ll need to use the wire cutters at the bottom left to cut them off and buy a new piece (about 50 cents) for the light bulb.

Spray Paint!!!!! The best part about this project πŸ˜€ If you notice that I boughtΒ the nice brand in all the colors and the EL CHEAPO one in white. Since white is only going to be used as primer there is no need to buy an expensive brand.

After you’ve taped all the pieces necessary get on with painting!! I did two priming coats in white.

Then two coats in yellow! I’m redoing my room in black, gray, white, and spot colors of yellow! Once I see if I like it or not I’m either going to leave it or spray paint them gray. We’ll see πŸ˜‰

The base of the new lamp!

The top piece.

and TADA! The picture is a little dark but I did add a new lamp.

So this whole project cost me:

$7.88 cents for a lamp shade

$3.89 white spray paint

$5.69 for Silver & Yellow Spray Paint (so x2)

Lamp Free

Total cost: approx $21.00

So if you can find a lamp that has an awesome shade that’ll save you $8 bucks and another $6 if you only buy one can of spray paint for the color which would total to approx $9.00. Still not crazy cheap but then again lamps are pretty expensive and it’s so much fun!!

Other lamp ideas:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Thanks for stopping by! Next change I get I’ll be working on the little rocking chair from the post before this πŸ˜€

Love Always,


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