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12 Feb

I know that’s a corny headline but it’s all I could come up with 😉 Work with me here!! ❤ So now that I’ve been taking this art class for a few weeks and I’m getting in a groove, I picked a picture I’ve been dying to draw and since my teacher thinks I’d do well with colored pencils I knew this was one the to start attempting color with:

photo (40)


I found it on pinterest and immediately tagged in my “Pictures to Draw” board. I think it’s seriously stunning!!

photo (39)


The first week I did really lightly guidelines to get the basic shape down.

photo (38)


Then when I got home I did the basic hatching of colors to give it some life!

photo (35)


Week 2 in class I finally got to play with mixing colors and finding the right tones to create the end color I was looking for. This is phase one of that!

photo (36)


Week three Is more work and more guide lining with color the rest of the hair. I’m hoping to finish off the ends and start on the top of her hair next week! ❤

So here’s to my goal of going back and taking classes and proof that it’s great for someone who is creative to never give up on learning new things!!

What are you working on these days? Are you trying something new too?

Love Always,


Daily Life: Crafting or Chopping?

5 May

Yes I was supposed to craft today, but instead I chopped off all my hair!! So I went from this:

to this!

Daily Life: Chopping It Off!

2 May

It’s official. Goodbye long gorgeous long hair! I’ve been wanting to do something bold and completely different for quite some time now. I’ve also doubted myself a zillion times wondering if I could pull it off. With my serious baby face I also second guess what I do with my hair. Hair and make-up can either really help or really hurt me. I either look really really really young or just young… annoying now but I know, I know, I’ll appreciate it later.. Everyone keeps telling me that but I want to love it now!! So now I am taking on giant leap of faith and chopping off all my hair!

I have had my hair the same length since junior year of highschool (yes seven years!!)

and now it looks like this:

That is the product of having a child and never wearing your hair down .. ever. Yeah um wayyy to loong!! I never do my  hair in the morning because I don’t feel like taking an hour every morning to work on this ridiculousness amount of hair. We’ll I won’t have to for much longer. I’m doing this:

BAM! Bold, hott, easy, fresh!! I’ve never had the guts to see if I could actually pull it off but I am going to do it, with a little more clothes on of course 😉 Ever since this series of America’s Next Top Model has come on and Brittani got this hair cut I have been daydreaming of what it would look like on me. Of course she has gorgeous bright blue/green eyes to stand out behind all that bold hair and mine are poop brown, but somehow, I plan to make it work!

I think it’ll look cute and classy on the days I dress down.

Super hott and fashion forward when I want to bump it up a notch and actually wear something cute 😉

Or just super sexy in general 😀

Crossing my fingers this works on me because I am in need of a quick easy new look.

Wish me luck!

Love Always,


Seasonal Depression

5 Nov

I have never been diagnosed as a person with seasonal depression and the word depression scares me so much that I highly doubt I’ll ever go get checked for it!! I can say though that when it starts getting cold out, I start curling up into a little ball 🙂 Sure I think it’s gorgeous outside but I’d rather be inside! Give me a blanket, a book, and some warm yummy food and I’ll be fine inside thanks.

I don’t exactly know what it is but my motivation goes out the window and I hide out until the sun comes back out to warm things up. I used to think I would be moody during the winter but now I think it was just my crazy teenage hormones. HAHA I remember the first time I met B it was so nice outside and I said, “If you can handle me in the winter we’ll be just fine together.” Yeah .. okay so maybe there is something wrong with me but the more people I meet the more I am hearing they feel the same way! If I could get groceries, medicine, and a doctor to come to the house in the winter without it costing an arm and leg I would probably not leave the house unless I had absolutely had to.

WebMD‘s list of signs of seasonal depression are:

decreased levels of energy

difficulty concentrating


increase in appetite

increased desire to be alone

increased need for sleep

weight gain

Not all those symptoms actually fit me so I that makes me feel better but the people that are diagnosed with this have an option of light therapy and oh my how much I want this to feel like I have been out in the sun all day when I haven’t is TOTALLY AWESOME!! If I could lay out in the sun and not get burnt to death, cancer, or something worse I would. I love the sun! I love the way I look when I am tan, I love the feeling of complete comfort it gives me. I love how relaxed it makes me feel and I wish it was sunny all year long! 

I am missing summer already!!!

I have no idea what brought up this post but there’s just one more random thing you now know about me 🙂

Love Always,


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